How creating a new laundry system saved my marriage
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Ok, so perhaps that title is a wee bit dramatic and over the top.  Laundry wasn’t killing my marriage but it certainly wasn’t helping any!

Times had changed…I’m no longer “just” a stay at home mom, I WORK (aside from taking care of the kids and all the other stuff…see below) from home and now my husband has a more flexible schedule with his new career, so something needed to change.  Afterall, life had!

No longer could we keep on thinking…”Sarah’s home, she’ll do the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, diaper changes, feeding of kids, breaking up of fights between the kids, puppy care oh AND WORK!”

Yeah, that kind of thinking wasn’t working out very well and things like the laundry were piling up.

So what did I do?  I made a deal with my husband and so far it’s working out wonderfully.  Here is our new “Laundry Plan”…

Since I do work from home and can hear the laundry buzz, I will be the laundry sorter, loader, transfer to the dyer-er and then  I will take the clothes out of dryer and lay them out for hubby to fold them. (I HATE FOLDING LAUNDRY…am I alone here? I bet not!) Then I put them away since I am the only one that seems to know where everyone’s clothes go. {could you sense that my eyes were rolling as I typed that? They were.}

That’s our new plan. It’s not perfect and I am still doing a ton, but having my wonderful husband do the one thing I detest (folding), it makes laundry not so bad and I feel like I am part of a TEAM rather than alone, drowning in laundry land.

Do you have any creative ways of splitting up household chores?  Share! Share! Share!


  1. After dinner hubby clears the table…scrapes dishes and brings them to sink, puts away food, etc. I load the dishwasher and wash any pots and pans. That works well for us. (Hubby has to ask permission to use the washer and dryer here :)
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  2. in our house Rob just does the laundry because he’s picky, works for me LOL

  3. We have a similar system but the exact opposite. My husband takes all the laundry downstairs on Saturday and spends the weekend whenever he passes by the laundry room throwing in loads, transferring to the the dryer, and then layout out and stacking the clothes (so they don’t get all wadded and wrinkly) on the counter.

    And then during the week, whenever I have time I carry a stack upstairs, use our big bed as a folding surface and fold and put away all the clothes while watching DVR’d episodes of Chuck or HGTV marathons.

    I’m pretty particular about how I want things folded and put away (and don’t mind doing it since it’s a guilt-free excuse to watch TV) but never seemed to want to get around to starting the whole process and the huge laundry pile-up would drive my husband crazy but no way would he take the time to fold everything “just right” so this is totally a win-win situation for us.

    • @Monica,

      I am loving all the team work going on..damn I am late to this game!

      My husband folds as if he worked at Gap, I stink at it, so he’s the folder…I am LOVING this new set up. Why it took me almost 8 years of marriage to come to it, is beyond me! {DOH!}

      It is true that folding and tv go together so so well! :) Hmmm, maybe that’s why hubby is so totally ok with doing the folding…hmmm… ;)

      • @Sarah, HA! “folds as if he worked at Gap” That’s awesome, and that is exactly why I don’t let my husband fold, wadded up shirts does not equal folding. :)

  4. I guess my husband and I have reversed roles too. We pre sort our laundry by having different laundry bins for different types of washes (it took some training though, to teach him how to sort his clothes). He pretty much takes care of washing, transferring, drying and taking it out (I do have to guide him, but we usually do it on Sundays anyway so it’s not a biggy). And then I fold it all while watching my fav tv show on DVR and put it away myself since he doesn’t know where it goes either ;)
    Seems like everyone should have a system, but a system that works for the couple. And if it needs adjusting then just do so but no reason to make it a big deal! We should all suffer through house chores equally ;)

  5. We do it a bit backwards here. My husband does all the laundry sorting, washing and drying. Then he lays it all out nice and flat and I fold it within the next month or so. Laundry makes me crazy
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  6. My kids are about the same age as yours- 5 and 2.5- and they usually help with laundry. The 5yo can sort and put clothes in the washing machine, and start it. The 2.5yo helps load the dryer. They both sort the clean laundry and “fold” their clothes (most of the little one’s clothes need refolding of course), and help put them away.

    The kitchen is one we’re still working on- I cook most nights (and enjoy cooking), and DH cleans up/loads the dishwasher. In theory it works, in practice I’m often grumpy about the rice cooker or fave pan still being dirty the next day when I need to use it!

    • @Lisa, Wow, our kids are the same age…we must meet one day!

      The kids help me with sorting, loading too – they fight over who gets to clean the lint screen, lol.

      And we do that kitchen plan too…although, like you it doesn’t always turn out as planned (again I roll my eyes ;) )


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