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Bestill my heart…Etsy Treasures the Color of the Sea

My absolute favorite color is turquoise. It's the color of the ocean when it's shallow with white sand underneath the water.  And it's magnificent. Last week I posted this pic on twitter and people commented about my necklace.  I wear this necklace quite a lot and get comments and compliments on it all the time.  It's one of my new faves from Duchess Catherine on etsy. A simple chunk of turquoise hanging from a dainty gold chain. It's classic and understated yet makes a statement all on it's … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Weekend and the bliss of sleeping in…

Every once in a while (lately it's been a lot!) my husband gives me a gift. It's not mothers day, or valentines or any other "Hallmark" holiday. No it'll be just an ordinary Saturday or Sunday turned extraordinary Because my man, the best husband in the whole world Takes the kids for me and let's me sleep in And I tell you it's the best sleep a mother could ask for. Usually a dream or two are had The bed seems to feel at it's most comfy And all worries, stresses, weights are … [Read more...]

My Ohana

In shadow form The Duke … [Read more...]

Hula Shake {linky love} “Digital Photo Therapy” Edition

Happy Monday! It's time to get our hula shake on! Here's how it works... I will have a featured site or product that I think is shakin', then YOU share your.... ❀ Giveaways ❀ Posts from last week ❀ Your latest promotion or blog news ❀ Vlogs ❀ New sites You name it! This goes for mom businesses too - please share your latest sale or new items in your store! Last week my friend Carley Knobloch of Mothercraft Coaching and The Juicebox, launched her class on organizing your digital … [Read more...]

Lahaina Town, Maui

Front Street in Lahaina town is filled with touristy treats, good food and a step back in time through the historic buildings. The Old Lahaina Courthouse looks over Lahaina Harbor on one side and the world famous Banyan Tree on the other.  Kids and adults alike with be in awe of the giant tree. It's gorgeous...and very very loud at sunset when the birds all flock to the tree and talk to one another every night. Be sure to check it out when in town. … [Read more...]