Random Travel Thoughts from The Ohana Mama

We are back in Aloha land.  The trip home started with a little drama but ended with warm trade winds blowing my hair…California was fantastic and being back home on Maui is even better.

Here are my random thoughts from yesterday’s travels…Two kids, 5+ hours on a plane and ME….

  • Leave plenty of time for possible police chases that will close your freeway down and cause you to make a u-turn on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles (it was kinda cool that I got to break the law…oh to be a bad girl!)
  • Curbside check in is THE BOMB! (but DO NOT say “Bomb” in an airport)
  • Realize that sometimes every good Super Mom needs a sidekick…thank goodness for my mother in law who was able to go with us all the way to the gate (thank you ticket man at United for allowing her to go with me)
  • It’s CRAZY that I was able to board an airplane with two kids in tow all without showing anyone that they were my kids…this my friends, is a bit disturbing to me…
  • Airplanes would be so so so awesome if they put a kids play area in the back. No one wants to sit by the bathrooms anyways (other than parents of little kids for easy access) It’d just be a smart PR move airlines.
  • Being in a confined space where you cannot escape (or loose your cool) when your two year old is whining and not “using her words’ will drive you mad and make you wish that you had packed a parachute
  • I have a problem with sitting on the aisle and having the man behind me A) get up a bajillion times to check the over head compartment, placing his groin area in my face and B) the same man, stretching his feet out under his seat so that they repeatedly touch the back of my legs…with his shoes off. ICK.
  • I will never again travel alone with two kids (famous last words, right?)
  • Going home to Maui isn’t half bad

The Kahului Airport


  1. LOL. The trip back home sounds…. egh. Groin in face. Ewwww…

  2. I sooooo know what you mean! I will not (famous last words here as well) make that flight by myself with both kids again. This last one here with Jesse and the kids was bad enough to make me not want to fly again. Oh.. and I said “that machine might blow up!” really loud in the airport. I am shocked I didnt get pulled into some office.

    • @stacia,
      LOL! You made me spit my coke!

      Oh you WILL make that trip, I betcha sista! And I WILL pray for you ;)


  3. Ugh! I feel your pain. I’ve travelled back and forth to Honolulu while living in North Carolina, Kentucky and now Georgia. And…I’ve done it with three and four kids. By myself. I totally feel your pain. However… how in the world is it that I always win the random security lottery and get searched (along with my many children) every. single. time. Talk about craziness!
    I’m glad to hear that you made it back to Maui in one piece and without losing any of the kids along the way. :) Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud
    .-= Kristi {at} Live and Love…Out Loud´s last blog ..Not Me! Monday – Migraine Madness =-.

  4. Great tips! I made the trek to New York City last month with my 14-month-old daughter and that was tough! Bringing both girls to the city in August for BlogHer, however my hubby will be coming to help this time around.

    We have a play spot in the Toronto airport and I found it to be so handy and a lifesaver! It should be mandatory in all airports :). Another great gadget to bring along on a flight, iPhone or iPod Touch. Lifesaver!
    .-= Nadia´s last blog ..J.Crew Crewcuts On Madison Displays Whimsical Foil Sculptures From LAND =-.

  5. those are some great tips for travel! :) we travel a lot but so far, all by car. I can only imagine the creativity needed to fly that long with kids! :)

  6. Glad to have you back on the Valley Isle. I know how difficult it can be to travel with small children, which is why I’m not looking forward to the flight part of my upcoming trip to Atlanta. 10 hours each way (and no direct flights, so need for a layover). Well, but I’m glad that you’re home and look forward to your posts.

    • @Maui Realtor, Thanks! It’s great to be back. It’s so much more mellow here, you tend to forget that when you are here for a long while without a break…it’s nice, I feel like I am in this little bubble of mellowness here in Maui, it’s GREAT!

      Best of luck on that 10 hours of travel! Thank goodness for a layover, really, huh?!

  7. Why is it that the flight home always involves drama? Leaving home, no problem – trying to come home, nightmare.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..The Miscarriage – Part 6: It Stings a Little =-.

  8. Ahhh! You came HERE for vacation? Isn’t that illegal or something? (Not the most well thought out comment, but it was from the heart, you know.)

    All day, I’ve been dreaming about our hawaiian vacation. Two months ago I was there… and if I wouldn’t get arrested for abandonment, I would be on a plane flying back right now.

    Next time you want to come here, do me a favor and call me. I’ll house sit for you.

  9. Glad you made it home safe and ahad a great trip!

    I will likely be making that flight in October with three- 5.5, 3, and 3 months- all by myself, both ways. So glad they let your MIL accompany you- Hawaiian was SO rude at LAX when I asked if my hubby could come to help with the then 4yo and 17mo. And when you have two car seats, two suitcases, and two carryons, that really sucks.

    If I had a hairy barefoot guy sticking his crotch in my face, you can just guess what I’d do with the whiny 2yo, LOL.

    • @Lisa, That’s hilarious…

      Omg, you are INSANE…3 kids and just you?! May the force be with you ;)

      Hawaiian allowed my mom through two years ago when I was pregnant with Leah and had Cam. I guess it depends on if the ticket person is feeling nice that day – that stinks they wouldn’t let your hubby help you!

  10. I don’t know about a play area…I’m always that germophobe mom who won’t let her kid play at the Dr. office or Ikea play areas. And yeah, not having to prove your kids belong to you is kinda creepy! Anyone could snag a kid and buy them a ticket to anywhere. *shudder*

    • @Heather,
      Isn’t that just CRAZY?! I mean, take em to Hawaii and your open to taking them to Asia and getting lost or taking them to Cali form Hawaii, your open to going to Mexico…so freaking scary!

      I totally get the germ thing, we do a big dose of antibacterial stuff the entire time on the flight…the seats alone are probably wayyyyy dirty.

      double shudder…

  11. I am about to have my second and wondering if/when I will be able to travel alone with two. I fly pretty frequently with my almost 2 year old but doing it with two kids sounds scary! Sounds like you did an awesome job! Oh and I SECOND the play area in back. Seriously it would make flights more pleasant for the whole plane to have the kids happier!
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Best Starbucks visit ever! =-.

    • @Sara, It’s totally doable and the kids were actually very good – especially the 5 year old. Thank goodness Leah will only be older the next time we fly. And don’t be afraid to ask for help!

  12. Triple ICK about the man sitting behind you. GAHHHHHH GROSS. (Happy you made it back safely!)

    • @whoorl, Yeah between feet/groin man and the sleeping beauties in front of me, who put their seats ALL the way back allowing my computer to barely teeter on the tray-table so that the kids could watch a movie, I just LOVED my plane mates ;)


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