p.s. I miss you…

A long time ago, but short enough that I still remember it quite vividly, we had a cleaning lady. Not a live in or anything like that but a woman that came every two weeks and cleaned our house, including LAUNDRY. Yes she cleaned and folded all of our laundry.  All I had to do was put it away.  My husband thinks someone else doing our laundry is weird. I think it’s HEAVEN!

So a while back, when we lived in California, I had this awesome helper. I would pack Cameron up, grab our Chocolate Lab and the three of us would head out for the day while Jane (not her real name) would come and miraculously clean our old beach house, launder and fold our piles of clothes and leave me giddy with happiness.

It was nice. Oh so nice.

It was also before I had TWO kids, red Maui dirt and now a puppy whose fur could be turned into an exorbitant amount of sweaters or rugs.  Now, instead I have a “partnership” with my husband on the laundry front, Roomba (aka Alice) to take care of the fur and myself to makes this place sparkle…Needless to say, this place doesn’t always sparkle.

Last night we had guests come over a bit last minute and so I got my cleaning on. Now the house smells great. The bathroom is spotless and there is a bit of sparkle to be seen.  But while cleaning, running around crazily, sweating and wondering “how the hell those marks got on the wall like that and why the hell won’t they come off?”, it hit me…

I really really really really really really really really really miss our dear, super cleaning and wonderful, Jane. Now, more than ever, I need her. Oh how I need her!

(and then I treated myself to a glass of yummy wine, had good food with good friends and continued to daydream a little about how my life would be complete with a little Jane in it.)

Do you have a “Jane” of your own? Do you dream of having a “Jane” like me? What would you do with the time Jane would save you? Read a book? Watch bad t.v.? Go grab a mani/pedi? Perhaps have people over more often? Share!


  1. Oh yes, we had one amazing cleaning lady named Mini, but she got a full time nanny job and left us… boohoo… then my next favourite – she would come every other Monday – she was fabulous, but again, got a full time job. We’ve find someone we like, although not as much as our previous cleaner!

  2. Sarah, Boy, do I wish I had a cleaning lady. At this point, once a month would do. Or, in the alternative, that folder machine above. Because my clean laundry piles up in the laundry room. Ridiculous, I know. Sigh, I wish I’d had Jane. I had Tom for a very brief period. He was the nicest guy. However, he hated cleaning. He kept telling me, week after week, how he was going to spoil me. And after waiting and waiting, he never vacuumed. Or mopped. Sigh.
    .-= Brenda´s last blog ..It’s a Time Thing =-.

  3. Oh yes! I remember her and not only that! I MISS her a lot!!! We used to live in Turkey with the military and everybody had a nice turkish lady that did all the housework and cooked if you wanted her to. Assiya is very missed not only for her hard work she did in the house, she also helped me with my 2 very small kids at the time. They loved her and even the dog got walked! Where is Assiya today? I wish only I would still be in touch with her these days! I really loved that woman and my whole family did as well!

  4. Jesse has a “Jane”..her name is Stacia. ha!! You will love this. I dont know if you know of my washable crayons only rule, but I am glad I have one! Lilah took a brown crayon to my brand new white couch today as I was cleaning the floors. awesome. I also remember your “jane”. =)

    • @Stacia, Jane stressed me out sometimes, huh? Having to be out all day was a bit of a challenge but I’d take that any day for a clean house not cleaned by me! Ha!

      OMG, your couches are gorgeous… and you are BRAVE! I was wondering when the first big “uh oh” would happen! Little Lilah…she and Leah would get along great ;)

      Can you wash your couches?

      • @Sarah, I know. White is a brave color!!! I was so scared when we bought them, I seriously almost cried in the store. I was thinking “wth did we just do?!”. We scotch guarded them as soon as we got them, and I keep a bottle of cleaner near by, and do a weekly check on them. Its a sad sad process!

        I remember those days all too well! I remember you hanging out in the car because Cam had to nap and you couldnt go inside! Oh and the time you brought Buddy to my apartment! LOL!!! oh the days..

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