Bestill my heart…Etsy Treasures the Color of the Sea

My absolute favorite color is turquoise. It’s the color of the ocean when it’s shallow with white sand underneath the water.  And it’s magnificent.

Last week I posted this pic on twitter and people commented about my necklace.  I wear this necklace quite a lot and get comments and compliments on it all the time.  It’s one of my new faves from Duchess Catherine on etsy. A simple chunk of turquoise hanging from a dainty gold chain. It’s classic and understated yet makes a statement all on it’s own.  Pure, fresh, simple. Love love love.

Speaking of, they have all sorts of awesome turquoise.  Here are some turquoise treasures I found…

Blue bobbles | Monkey | Sea Turtle

Do you love Turquoise? Have any favorite pieces? Do you make turquoise goods?  Share with me!


  1. Love it! Thanks a bunch! Sarah, you look beautiful in turquoise and the gold brings out the beauty of your tan skin!

  2. Yes, I’m a huge turquoise fan also :) My mom made me a fabulous set of earrings and matching necklace out of these cool turquoise disks. I love wearing them with a simple white or black top and my fave jeans!

    • @Lisa, Yes, a simple top, and blue jeans, becomes a magical combination with some turquoise!
      Hope you are well Lisa!!

  3. NanaTutu says:

    Turquoise has deep meaning and symbolism with many cultures; it is said to heal and most of all to protect the wearer, and to bring peace to the home. I love it, they were the stones I chose in my original wedding ring (over rubies) and 30 years later added small chips of diamonds on either side of each of the five little turquoise stones on the antique wedding band. It’s also the color of that magical little Tiffany box. And yes, that perfect natural seductive color of the sea, between the white sand beach and the colbalt blue of the deep water of the ocean….. how can you not love it.

    • @NanaTutu, I think I am a lover of all things turquoise because of you. Pretty damn sure, actually! xoxo

  4. It’s my oldest son’s favourite colour, too – what’s not to love about that colour?! I love it too – have a very similar necklace, from Tiffany & Co. – turquoise heart on a silver chain – LOVE!

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