Aloha Friday! Swimsuit Edition

It’s Aloha Friday!

Pau Hana as we say in the islands… Pau means “done “and Hana is “work” and it’s the time at the end of the week where we gather with family and friends and chill out, have fun & celebrate one another.  Work hard, play harder, that’s what we do!

For this Aloha Friday, I have a rather scary question for you….it has to do with…Swimsuits.

{{{insert horror film scream here}}}

I recently went bathing suit shopping, on a whim, after dinner…I totally went against my rules having to do with swimsuit shopping: 1) don’t go after you’ve eaten a big meal and 2) don’t go with the kids (I also have #3, get tan before you go swimsuit shopping…self tanner can be your best friend!). Anyhow, I did leave with a new suit in hand and I love it. YAY!

It’s a bikini and actually smaller in cut (although larger in size…) than my last bikini, since my husband let me know that my granny bottoms were droopy.

I’ve tried a one piece, a tankini, even those ones with the holes in the sides and I can’t find one that I like on my body like my bikini.  So bikini it is!

My question to you is….

bikini or one piece?

(or tankini or those one pieces with the holes on the sides)

Spill it!

Then have a great weekend!

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  1. Shameless plug, but have you visited Maui Girl in Paia yet? Swimsuits as featured on Sports Illustrated SI, very popular among celebrities and active beach goers.

  2. Monique says:

    What happened to my black& turquoise crochet bikini? it was “tres joli” as my figure was many moons ago. Now I am grandma Coucou, and if not my sweet daughter in law , my son for sure would not want to see me in one……..So the one piece one, with not too much cleavage, color or classic black , can’t go wrong.But if you have Sarah’s figure go for BIKINI BIKINI BIKINI ALL SUMMER LONG AND ENJOY YOUR YOUTH.
    With love to you all,HAVE A GREAT SUMMER.

  3. NanaTutu says:

    Love the little “itzy bitzy teenie-weenie polka dot bikini” in the pic. Would like to see pic of your new suit too. This Tutu LOVES the two tankinis purchased last December in Lahaina – so many cuties and finally found some hip cute youthful (but secure) little tanks good for both the beach and the pool! (Was a bigger “Investment” than anticipated, but just that, believe they are timeless and with two should last longer when I switch em up) – and gotta LOVE sarongs – they are “so right!” Multitude of uses. Self tanning is my only way to go since a bit nervous with too much sun at this time in my life….Jergins is great – doesn’t go orange and has various levels of darkness – something for everyone. It gets more intense in color as time passes (put on at 7 am and by 11 am will be tan, and more tan by 5 pm and can last about 2 -3 days even with showers, just easy on the razor or you shave it all away! Not greasy, moisturizes nicely like fine body lotion. Which to keep the color of the self tanners from tanning palms of your hands – trick is to first apply regular lotion to your hands and then apply the self tanner to your legs or body – less chance of dying your palms so they wash up easily right away – also be careful not to dribble any self tanner on rugs or towels – it will definitely stain!

    Hooray for Summer – it be here…. finally!!!

  4. Yeah right! I haven’t worn a bikini since I was ten girlfriend. One piece all the way here. have a nice weekend.
    .-= Xmasdolly´s last blog .. =-.

  5. Hmmm… my favorite bikini is from Venus Swimwear. It is a triangle top with boy short bottoms. But I have started wearing a UV top with it, so you don’t get any of the bikini goodness. LOL. I have a picture stowed away somewhere. It’s actually a cute look – and great for the skin. UV RAYS BAD! That said, my belly is pale – but definitely self bronzers rock and there are some GREAT ones at Victorias Secret.

    I also love my Hapari Tankini from …Hapari. I have two.

    I think Monokinis make me look WIDE. Few people actually look good in them. Bikinis actually seem to lengthen you out. I think less material makes a person look less bulky. Imagine how awesome we’d all look on a nude beach with no bulky material. LMAO. I am sure the men would love that.

    Anyways, I like the boy shorts for ANY suit because I don’t have to worry about tugging at my bottom when chasing the boys in the waves.

    That a good answer? :wink:

  6. I am a tankini girl, never did wear bikinis, I feel too naked!

  7. Jaimie K says:

    Definitely one piece for me, with additional shorts or skirt to cover the upper thigh portion. I have a little too much fat from 4 babies in 4 years (I”m due in Aug with #4 around when my oldest turns 4!)to show any more body than absolutely necessary. I bought a new suit a couple of years ago that I love–a swimdress, brown with turquoise polka dots. Love how the swimdress is so cute, and covers the upper thigh area with only having to wear one piece. Plus it’s princess cut so it hides the love handles too! :)

  8. Tankini for me me!

    I recently found Essential Swimwear online and am thrilled with their selection. Check them out:
    .-= Deborah´s last blog ..Join The Homemaker Honey Book Club w/Giveaway =-.

  9. I should not wear a bikini but I do. I also have this cute Juicy one piece that I like, but I feel like a cow in it. But my question is…who is that suit by in the pic?? Love it!!

    • @Stacia, It’s by Floozie by French Frost but you can only buy it in the UK it seems :( Too bad, they’re suits are sooo cute!

  10. Deirdre says:

    Depends on the situation: beach in hawaii: bikini=bliss, pool or lake side with family: onepiece keeps everything in.
    One question for you: self tanner- what kind do you like, dislike, etc? I have yet to venture into that territory, but since my legs are brighter than my husband’s tube socks, I better get on it!
    Thanks for the great blogging!!!

    • @Deirdre, I haven’t used it in a while but Jergens was great when I did use it. You just put it on like regular lotion every day and soon you’ll have a little tan.

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