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Wish You Were Here: A Weekend in the West Maui Mountains

After we tried to rent a campervan in Australia to go cross-country travelling 2 months ago, we headed up to the cabin perched high above West Maui this past weekend.  The red dirt is permanently stuck under our nails and in our clothes. It's definitely a three-bath type of dirt...where it takes at least three baths to finally get it off your body! We slipped down the slides again, ate some of the best food (helps when one of your friends is a culinary graduate!) and had loads of fun making … [Read more...]

Hula Shake {linky love} Martha Stewart Edition

Happy Monday everyone! We had a super fabulous weekend up at our little West Maui cabin again.  This time we brought more friends, more good food (and more vino) and had an even better time!  I am sun kissed, relaxed and ready to get my week on! While up relaxing I was reading Martha Stewart's Living magazine and fell in love with her dip dyeing article. If you want a beachy feel to your house this technique seems easy enough to turn your house, whether along the coast or in the dead center of … [Read more...]

Let’s go surfin now…

Fun in the sun, family style! Cam, learning to surf And he's UP! Woohoo! My ballerina in the sand Duke What a "Ruff" life, huh?! … [Read more...]

Waves, Sun and Floaters: Number 2

If you haven't read Part 1...go now...this will make more sense. Go. Now. I will wait. Ok, ready?! So the big question was "Did I go back into the crap infested waters?" Here's how it went... It was HOT, the sun was SCORCHING and I was sweating. My husband was catching some pretty good waves so I knew we'd be there a while. I looked at the water with the trained eye of a CSI agent; no poop in sight. And then I did it... I ran in, dunked myself up to my slimmed waist, gave my … [Read more...]

Waves, Sun and Floaters

It's getting hot in Maui. And with my house having one wall made up of ceiling to floor windows, it gets downright miserable during the afternoon with the sun directly hitting our entire living space. However, living on beautiful Maui and just 5 minutes away from the beach, many afternoons we head to the shore to cool off and get out the afternoon energy. Yesterday we headed to the beach, found an uncrowded spot and jumped into the ocean. The kids were playing, jumping over waves, building sand … [Read more...]