Do you have a “Go To” list? {video}

We all need one…a list of people we can call to let it all out…without fear of judgment or fear of them sharing your secrets behind your back. We all need someone to turn to for the good and the bad.

I call this my “go to” list. Do you have a “go to” list? Watch below then share with me!

(pay no attention to the shaking at the end of the video, no it’s not Haleakala volcano erupting, it’s just my puppy trying to attack the chair upon which my camera was sitting. Hey this is real life folks…bear with me!)

Some of my online “Go To” peeps mentioned in the video:

The Mogul Mom

MomDot Forums

The Mamasphere


  1. Great post I am inspired to do one like this. I have a go to people for all equities of my life too. Relationships, Health, Marketing/ Business stuff. I have a lot of people I mastermind and brainstorm with too….

  2. Aloha!
    First of all -just wanted to mention that you are really natural on camera!!
    Yes, my family and friends are always there for me!!!
    As far as the blogger world-I think I need to form some closer connections-(I am always so busy working w/ companies!) but I have met a lot of awesome bloggers…like yourself:)
    .-= Mom’s Best Bets´s last blog ..illia Kids Dress Giveaway =-.

    • @Mom’s Best Bets, Aloha Pat! I just emailed you…do check out the momdot forums!! Hope to see you in there!

  3. Yes!! It has gotten smaller since moving because people seem to think “out of sight out of mind” or something. But anyway, its my mom, my dad, my sis, and a handful of friends I text about whats going on, like you,and my friend Amanda, and then I have a fb go to person that I went to high school with, Heather. =)

  4. NanaTutu says:

    Sorry I was unavailable when you called to talk…glad that leaving the message helped to act as a way for you to vent and let it out. I always love every chance I can get to actually talk with you and your sister – it makes the geographic distance between us seem smaller, at least for a little while.

    Sorry I wasn’t actually “there for you” this time, but also happy you were able to handle it in the end on your own (mixed emotion here – happy you were able to put it in perspective and get beyond it but also sad I wasn’t there to help you – Mom’s always want to be needed and to know they still actually help their kids, no matter how adult those kids happen to be). And, sometimes (more often here than not) when the kids are adults, the Mom likes to know she can go to them for help and to vent and to also gain wisdom – that is a true gift! Very proud of you (and of all my “kiddies” even the adult keiki’s).

  5. NanaTutu says:

    You look gorgeous….. just had to share. Love your videos.
    Happy 4th – long holiday weekend………….hooray!

  6. I don’t think I have a go to list. I’m famous for holding it all in – the good and the bad. When I do need to let it, the person I go to really depends on the situation at hand. I have certain people to vent to about motherhood, certain people I talk finances with, a group of people I look to when I need to have fun and escape real life.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..My Date with a Rebel =-.

  7. I’m about to start a “go to list”. I NEED help with my comments! Maybe I can find someone to help me!!!
    .-= Amy @ Marvelous Mommy´s last blog ..Post It Note Tuesday =-.

  8. Love it! I will definitely start up a go-to list! btw, lookin’ beautiful! Love your earrings ; ) and flower.

  9. You know my list. :-) You, mom, Kristen, Tanya, & Karine. Without you all I’d be a blubbering spaz most of the time.

    Love you!!

  10. Sweet :) I need to develop a go to list, I just have a really hard time sharing my problems!

  11. what an amazing post Sarah!
    Even before Lee posted about me I was going to list her – She is my #1 blog I go to for info on Entertainment news. She is so on top of that stuff and I don’t have time to surf the net for all that so for Entertainment news. It is her passion. (she’s also a very good friend)

    Candy from is a super friend as well. We chat throughout the day and she has been a priceless help for my blog!

    If I need inspiration for writing good content (since writing is my passion) I will read she is TALENTED
    .-= Annie @ Mama Dweeb´s last blog ..Infantino Twist -amp Fold Activity Gym and Fold -amp Go Bouncer =-.

  12. OMG this made me cry. You are admitting to being my friend. LOL. ;)

    I’m so glad I can be part of your support network.

    My “Go To List” looks like this:
    Best friend Meredith
    Allie (NoTimeForFlashCards)



    These are all women who will hold my hand, love me and walk me through the good and bad.
    .-= Lee´s last blog ..Despicable Me Movie Review And Giveaway Including 25 In Fandango Bucks- =-.

  13. Love the v-log – you have a great “on-camera” presence. :) My go-to list? My fiance, my dad, my best friends, and family!
    .-= Beeb Ashcroft´s last blog ..SpongeBob SquarePants- Triton’s Revenge DVD Review =-.

    • @Beeb Ashcroft, Thanks Beeb!

      My dad and my brother are on on my “I need some super duper help” list. If they get the call, sh*t is going down. lol

  14. My main go-to used to be The Mamasphere as well. (Where I met you!) I don’t connect as well there as I used to. I LOVE momdot. I’m starting to connect personally there. As far as personal go-to people? I feel like I have none right now. I feel like I have no friends I can call up on the phone. I used to call Allie a lot but that kind of went away. I miss that personal connection. I used to talk to my MIL daily but that doesn’t happen now that I’m local. Blah this is turning into a “pity me” comment.
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Superheros- =-.

    • @Paula, Oh no Paula! I am pretty sure momdot has a phone chain!

      Today I realized how much I needed to have this go to list. I was not doing well, very very down but for some reason just calling and leaving a message for my mom helped me.

      I know the ladies on momdot are awesome for that! Glad we are sticking together with the forums :) Email me if you ever need an ear!

  15. Sarah!

    I love being on your Go To list! Thanks so much.

    And you’re on mine, fo sho! :D



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