The Day Calgon Threw Me Back Up

Today I would have been getting on a plane all by my lonesome, with a pile of books weighing down my carry on, headed to the Dominican Republic.  I would have been off on an incredible trip to hang with a handful of other bloggers to review an all inclusive hotel.  Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?!

Two weeks ago I was frantically throwing about all of my important papers in search of my marriage license. Then running in for a last minute appointment at the post office to get my passport renewed with my “new” (I’ve been married for nearly 8 years) married name. I paid an extra $75 to get my passport in time for the trip to the Dominican, I was not chancing the possibility of missing such an opportunity!

I had taken time off of both of my jobs, my husband had worked it out so that he could care for the kids for five days all by himself. (Bless his heart!). I was planning my outfits, planning my packing and envisioning myself relaxing and experiencing this amazing all inclusive hotel…just me, some cool bloggers and the Caribbean! I had even seen my flight itinerary, which was going to be a long long flight, but that didn’t matter I was ready to get outta here!

And then I got the email.

“Your trip has been postponed.”

There were other words on the page but that’s all I could see, for the world around me went black.

Yes, in just under one week until my fantasy vacation, I got word..the trip was off! For now. It had been postponed.  Just as I was starting to smell the Caribbean air, feel the hot sun on my skin and taste the frozen concoction I was sure to enjoy….poof! It was all a dream.  I felt my head spin. It was like Calgon wasn’t taking me away, no, it was as if Calgon was throwing me back up…hurling me out of la la land and back into reality. With no break, no books, no booze, no bloggers and no Dominican Republic.

Bummer, man. Big, fat, huge, elephant size BUMMER.

I did feel bad for the super nice PR rep that had to send us all that email. I mean, to have to write to a bunch of women, MOMS, and tell them that their 3 days of freedom relaxation had been called off…I mean…he better be wearing a bullet proof vest! Us moms don’t take days off very lightly.  The important thing to remember (which my husband has reminded me every single time he catches me sulking in the corner) is that the trip was not “canceled” it was “postponed.” And to that I say…

You say potato I say pa-tah-to.


  1. aww bummer!!! hopefully next month!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..NEW from The Children’s Place on Facebook =-.

  2. bummer, indeed! i’m so sorry about your postponement! totally and completely disappointing & disheartening. on the other hand, i really am so glad that your trip wasn’t cancelled. that would be so-very-much worse!

    your potato, po-tah-to line? had me *literally* lol. thanks for that!

    i found you through bloggy bootcamp and am so glad that i did! i’m sending you all of the freedom vibes that i’ve got!:)
    .-= Minnesota Mamaleh´s last blog ..Minnesota Mamaleh- Eight Going on Nine =-.

  3. Did I read PR rep somewhere in that? ‘Cuz I am guessing that you had to postpone a free trip. That is disappointing, but so what, it is free.

    • @Jack,

      Hi Jack, Actually, yes it was a PR trip, but I wouldn’t say free… it COST me money since I took time off of work (and now for not). And writing/promoting/marketing…I don’t really call that free.

      But more importantly, and you as a parent I’m sure can understand, having plans change less than a week prior to leaving, sucks. It just does. As does not getting a “free” vacation or time to yourself, when you are soooo looking forward to it ;)

      Free, paid, what have you… a vacation gone wrong is never fun!

      • @Sarah, Sure, I agree that it is disappointing and frustrating to have something fall apart at the last minute, especially vacation. And I suppose that we could argue that even a free trip costs money, but at the same time it is hard for me to do that because it still would be heavily subsidized.

        So many people I know aren’t going anywhere because they simply can’t afford it. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t begrudge you a trip. If you can get it, that is cool. But in the grand scheme of things this is the kind of problem that people want.

        • @Jack, Yes, there are bigger problems to be had! Most definitely. (and to drown my sorrows we headed to the beach…sucks living in Maui…it’s hard to complain much about anything ;) )

          Thanks for visiting Jack!!

  4. I would have been heartbroken too. I hope they reschedule the trip soon!

  5. Oh Sarah! That is too bad! I’m so sorry! I would have been really, really upset as well. We moms don’t ever get a break to Target…much less The Dominican.

    Hopefully, the “postponed” trip will be back on soon!
    .-= Kasey@AllThingsMamma´s last blog ..Mamma Must Haves – Bath and Body Products I Love Right Now =-.

  6. that sucks big time :( I would be incredibly bummed – and mad since you did so much coordinating of so many things just to be able to go!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Running Through the Sprinkler =-.

  7. OH gosh! That really does suck. I know how hard it is to organize everything before leaving for a few days, it is so hectic and hard. Then to be told that the trip is postponed? Oh goodness that is a BUMMER. Here’s hoping that you WILL get to take that trip and that they were not just letting everyone down nicely :( UgH!

  8. That blows!! I have the BOB trip coming up to New Orleans and I am counting down the minutes to my freedom! I can totally imagine your frustration. :(
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Cakes from last weekend =-.

  9. NanaTutu says:

    Hoping you still get to go to DR – and it is in AUGUST and NOT the first week of September when we will be on Maui to visit and hang out with you, GB and the keiki. (although then we could provide childcare which would actually be fun) BUT, we’d miss spending time with you too. (Well actually if it is only for 3-4 days that you are gone, then maybe it would work out – we spend half our time with all of you and the other half helping GB care for the kiddies. So if it does happen to happen first week of Sept, guess that would be okay too.
    So, what you have to do now is….. get GB to take the keiki out for about 2 hrs. and you:
    Make a tropical caribbean drink – put some steel drum music (or Bob) on the player, go soak in a tepid bath of Calgon……and let YOUR MIND take you away!

  10. Ugh what a major let down!!! Huge bummer! Hope eventually you don’t get faulty Calgon and get whisked away! :)
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..Growing Tree Toys 25 Gift Card Giveaway =-.

  11. Aww man, that is a bummer Sarah. Nothing like rearranging your life for not. Then having to do it again when they reschedule. Hope it all works out.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  12. Oh that just stinks royally. I’m so sorry. I really hope it gets re-scheduled soon and that you can make all the time off work arrangements again. :(
    .-= Kate @ The Shopping Mama´s last blog ..Puppy Birthday Party for Twin Boys =-.

  13. That really stinks!! I’m so sorry-and I hope that it is only postponed…and that the trip they actually send you on is 100 times better!
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Stuff happens Trucks break I feel like a goober =-.

  14. We will get there!!

    • @Stefanie, YES WE WILL! :) Fight on! :) Damn it, I was really excited to see you too and the other bloggers!!

  15. I know how you feel..i had to forgo 2 of those trips from the same PR firm and now i fear ill never be asked again.

    They both just fell inconveniently on my anniversary and then on my DHs birthday

    .-= trisha´s last blog ..Day 2- Cabbage Soup Diet =-.

    • @trisha, Yeah, this was my third attempt. First two I couldn’t do, but DR…I made that happen! Keeping fingers crossed that August will work out!

  16. Oh Sarah! That sucks!!! I really hope you get to make it up soon! xoxo
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Bringing you back =-.

  17. Oh my GOSH I would be SOOOOO upset! :( I know how much work it takes to arrange all of that… You really are great to be so understanding. I’m wondering, though, if behind the blog you’re standing among a bunch of glass shards from something that “happened” to “fall” against the wall around the same time you read that email? hehe
    .-= Kat @ For the Love of Chaos´s last blog ..How Would YOU Like To Find THIS in Your Window =-.

  18. Devastating…but the container of calgon is still half full! The trip was postponed, ya? So, please, please, please do blog about it when you do get there!

    • @Deirdre, Oh you know I will, for sure!! I was going to blog about it last week, about how excited I was but for some reason, I held back…now I know why. This is so my life, I am always, “almost”.

      Oh well, I drowned my woes today by taking a trip to the beach with the kids and friends. That made it better ;)

  19. Karen R says:

    I hope you get to take that trip. That sucks!

  20. I would have been UPSET too as I need a vacation away from home too!
    .-= Stefani´s last blog ..California State Fair – It Is Almost Here =-.

  21. OH NO! I can’t believe that Sarah! I’d have been crushed, and depressed, and so so sad :( You are taking it well and I hope it really is just postponed and not canceled and that you can re-organize when the time comes and go have an awesome time. I agree with Nicole – what a Royal bummer!

  22. You are taking this in stride. I would be peeved. It’s a big deal getting hubby to take time off work … and you had to take time off too. You can’t always just pop in the office and reschedule. KWIM? So go you for seeing the silver lining. I would be steamy. LOL. (You are the bigger person.)

  23. Bummer. Royal bummer with a cherry on top. I am sorry. You may have to take a day and find that birdhouse in your soul.


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