Summer Blog Tour 2010…20 Questions

Holly (The Work at Home Woman) and Abbey (Living My MoMent) put together an amazing lineup for the Summer Blog Tour of 2010! 60 Bloggers over 60 days = a whole lotta new friends to meet and blogs to read! Today is my day to post so I thought a 20 questions kind of deal would be fun! Read, answer a question yourself, and then go check out the other bloggers partaking in the Summer Blog Tour fun!

20 Questions…This or that

1. Morning or night?

I am most definitely a morning person! Although that changes after a long night with the kids.

2. Lefty or righty?

I am a righty, hubby is a lefty as is my son.  I am pretty sure Leah will be a righty like her mama.

3. Facebook or Twitter?

I use Facebook more for family and close friends, but I do have an Ohana Mama page that you can “Like.”  I am on twitter a lot.  It’s easy, and you can drop in real quickly. I love posting pics to Twitter

4. Beach or Mountain?

Maui…where we have mountains and beaches! haha

5. Lipstick or lip gloss?

I am a huge lip gloss girl! I don’t own a single tube of lipstick!

6. Real Housewives of Orange County or New York?

That’s tough!  Even though I grew up in Orange County, I’d have to say New York…I have this odd attraction to all things NYC related. I have yet to visit although it’s a life’s dream…maybe we’ll go for my 35th birthday (in 2.5 years).

7. Sweet or salty?

Sweet. I have an enormous sweet tooth and I don’t add salt to anything I am eating, including my margaritas.

8. Disneyland or Disney World?

Having grown up in Orange County, I’ve gotta go with the original, Disneyland. (although I would absolutely LOVE to one day take the kids to Disney World!!)

9. Cat or Dog

I am most definitely a dog person. We have a yellow Labrador named Duke, he’s 9 months old and my absolute favorite hairy thing on the planet.

10. Platinum or gold?

I love platinum for timeless pieces such as my wedding ring, but lately I’ve been into dainty gold paired with turquoise. It’s a favorite combination.

11. Bob Marley or Bob Dylan

BOTH..these are my two favorite musicians!

12. Minivan or SUV

I am an SUV driving mama. Although I would love to try out the VW minivan.

13. Real Simple or In Style?

Real Simple. Hands down. It’s my favorite magazine.

14. Red or white?

I actually love white a bit more than red wine but white tends to give me a headache really fast. Red at least waits until the next day to creep in with a migraine. (I swear I am allergic to alcohol!)

15. Coke or Pepsi?

Coke coke coke coke. Oh and coke!

16. Vanilla Latte or Mocha?

My favorite treat is a Starbucks Vanilla Latte and a good magazine. Throw in a pedicure and that’s heaven!

17. Mac or PC

Apple is my new BFF. I am hooked on my mac and iphone. Whatever did I do before them?

18. Blog or vlog?

BOTH!  I love to see the person behind the blog, their mannerism, the inflection in their voice but I also love to get lost in their words.

19. Girly girl or tomboy?

A bit of both with a tad more of the tomboy in there.

20. Work from home or work out of the home?

For me, right now?  Work at Home. I have been a work at home mom for a combination of 3. 5 years.  It’s challenging and rewarding all in the same. No matter how hard it can get (making sure the “work” doesn’t totally take over the “Mom” part), I feel blessed to be able to work from home!  (remind me to read this next time I am freaking out over deadlines and potty training!)

And now I have a question for YOU!

Phone or email?  Which do you like better?

You can also ask a question of me and the other readers in the comments, let’s keep the “this or that” fun going!


  1. I’m late to your tour post but wanted to comment anyway. Your post was really clever and I enjoyed reading it. Always fun to find out a bit more about a favorite blogger.
    .-= K´s last blog ..Guest Post on OneTravelcom – Texas Gulf Coast =-.

  2. Hey you, girly! Great 20 questions! Me, I prefer email over phone, only because with email I can do it when I want to. If the kids act up, I can walk away quickly! With a phone call, I have to explain to the person on the phone why I can’t sit and chit chat all day long! Happy Summer Blog Tour day, even though I am late :)

  3. Dropping by on the blog tour to say hello! :) I love surveys too :D Just been too busy lately to do any! :) Oh, and as for coke or pepsi–gotta disagree and say Pepsi!!! :)
    .-= **Nicole**´s last blog ..Summer Bonding Project =-.

  4. Definitely an email girl here. I absolutely hate talking on the phone unless its a friend.
    .-= Frantic Holly´s last blog ..Beach Photos This Summer =-.

  5. I am definitely NOT a morning person! Righty here :) I prefer sweet over salty but sometimes I just have to have something salty- Cheetos.
    .-= Lorri Jeanne´s last blog ..LifeLock Identity Theft Protection =-.

  6. Stopping by on the Summer Blog Tour 2010! Happy to meet you and looking forward to following your blog:)

    Have a beautiful day!


  7. It is so funny how we always “want” what we don’t have (or what is farthest-) you want to go to NYC (close to me) and I want to go to Hawaii! Similarly I always wanted straight hair, but instead have wavy…though now I am embracing that since I learned at, 30 how to finally take care of it which is far simpler than I thought and much easier than all the tools I had to use to get it straight.
    I’m also a lip gloss girl! Can’t live without it, plus for some reason my husband prefers it to lipstick.
    The summer tour-20 questions idea is an ingenious great way to get to know the mom’s behind the blogs.
    Sarah, I also did a little plug for you blog at my blog (Wednesday I cover blogs, books, etc. that I love!)
    Check it out.

    • @Deirdre, Thanks so much Deirdre! My hair is now wavy too but I haven’t yet mastered how to style it. My sister, who has always had really curly hair is trying to help me ;)

      • @Sarah,
        Hello again,
        Off topic for the 20 questions, but wanted to knock you down to what saved the day with mine and my girls curly/wavy hair. Check out: (there are tons of articles, a curl type tool, blogs and more. Alsi the book Curly Girl outlines the curly girl method here: There are more products than you’d imagine, I love Deva Curl also available at naturally curly. I think there is a wiki-how on the curly girl method too, but I haven’t checked it out yet. You’d think I was a spokesperson for all of curl-kind, but I wish someone had told me this all years ago when I was battling the frizzies.

  8. Hi there,
    Just stopping by on the blog tour – sorry I missed you yesterday! To answer your question, I do better with email and if it must be the phone, then iPhone (I think we have similar BFF tastes). So, a question for you? When your kids outgrow their clothes, what do you do with them? Sell, hand down, trade? I’m curious that preferences may be a bit different in Hawaii simply because of the cost of shipping. Anyway, please see – a new site dedicated to buying/selling kids quality kids clothing. Shipping would be automatically calculated for purchases to/from Hawaii. Please share with your friends who are interested – it might be worth a try for higher-end or high demand items, for which buyers are less concerned with shipping.

    Thanks! hope you had a great turnout on the tour stop,

    • Sarah, The Ohana Mama says:

      @Suzanne, Thanks for sharing that Suzanne! We donate most clothes and our local moms group do trades and then anything that doesn’t get taken at the trade event is sent to an orphanage. But, I will also share this w/them! Mahalo for stopping by and sharing that!!

  9. Real Simple is my favorite too!!

    I hate talking on the phone. I’ve had an issue most of my life with the phone. Text me, email me, write me love letters, come visit it, but please don’t call me! When the phone rings my stomach flips.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Mischievous Monday =-.

    • @Renee, I am an email/text girl but hands down my least fave is someone stopping by unannounced! That is the worst!

  10. Sarah,
    Thanks so much for being on the tour! Let’s see to answer your questions. I like email better but I think I can explain things much better over the phone.

    To add to your This or That:

    Since I don’t watch Real Housewives.

    My question is Bachelor or Bachelorette???

    I’m a sucker for the Bachelor because there is more drama even though there are a ton of cute guys on the Bachelorette.
    .-= Abbey – Living my MoMent´s last blog ..The Favour Shoppe =-.

    • @Abbey – Living my MoMent, I actually don’t watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette! LOL But I have seen them in the past, so I’d go with the Bachelor too – girls are more fun to watch duke it out over one guy they hardly know ;)

  11. Happy Blog Tour Day!! I like how email I can get to whenever I have a minute to actually think; however, for urgent things the phone is better. Plus when chatting with a friend you can say so much more in a half-hour call than you can sitting down for 30 minutes to write an email.

    • @Nicole, Thanks for stopping by Nicole! For sure, hands down phone is way better for girlfriend talk!! :)

  12. It’s nice to learn more about your Sarah!

  13. Fun blog! Love the Q&A from today.
    I’m an email gal…I’m always afraid of disturbing someone if I call….email is quick but less intrusive.

  14. I went to a college where they only carried Pepsi products. Worst 4 years of my life :-P

    “Apple is my new BFF. I am hooked on my mac and iphone. Whatever did I do before them?”

    Reboot. A lot.
    .-= Pop´s last blog ..Birth Story- The Waiting Game =-.

  15. Wow! You are a fiesty one huh? I can’t blame you, living in HI and all – I’m so jealous!
    Great meeting you on the summer blog tour – it’s been so fun!
    Okay, here is my answer: email is faster and easier and more efficient, but sometimes, you can’t beat a good phone call. Overall, preference is email. :)

    • @Angela, Do I seem feisty?! Really?! My nickname growing up was “Sassy or Sass” and now my daughter has taken it on…maybe it’s in the blood! :) Thanks for visiting!

  16. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for being part of the Summer Blog Tour!

    I love these 20 questions…

    Morning, Right-handed, Twitter, Beach, Gloss, Neither, Sweet, Disney Land, Cat, Platinum, Bob Marley, Mini Van (don’t have either), In Style, White, Coke (don’t drink sodas), Vanilla Latte, PC, Blog (I do both), Both, WAHM, Email, I don’t like talking on the phone.
    .-= Holly – The Work at Home Woman´s last blog ..Time to Wholesale Your Product =-.

  17. Phone before I was a mom, email now that I am a Mom.

    It seems like the moment I pick up the phone its the only time in the whole day that everyone needs me and it can not wait it must be this very moment, in which I am trying to talk on the phone. I email because I can get up, walk away, then pick right back up, plus it can be done anytime of day.

  18. Hi there!
    So nice to meet you on the Summer Blog Tour! Our stop was yesterday. I liked reading your 20 questions – great idea :-) I am probably more an email girl than a phone girl. Don’t get me wrong, I can talk on the phone with the best of them! But I tend to keep up with my email really well because it is quicker for me.

  19. Both! I love email for business and phone for personal, but can’t live without either for both!
    Great way to let us get to know you. Thanks for having us.
    Our Summer Blog Tour stop was almost a month ago!! if you missed us, come by we would love to have you:
    I love that we are on opposite sides, but still in paradise! I frequent Disney World, and would love to go to the original place soon ;-)
    Let me know when you get ready to land on the East coast!
    Enjoy your tour stop

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