Waves, Sun and Floaters

It’s getting hot in Maui. And with my house having one wall made up of ceiling to floor windows, it gets downright miserable during the afternoon with the sun directly hitting our entire living space. However, living on beautiful Maui and just 5 minutes away from the beach, many afternoons we head to the shore to cool off and get out the afternoon energy.

Yesterday we headed to the beach, found an uncrowded spot and jumped into the ocean. The kids were playing, jumping over waves, building sand castles, corn-dogging* each other , then rinsing off in the warm Pacific waters.  It was a damn near perfect afternoon.

Then a large group of tourists and their kids came towards us, the kids in the water, the parents walking along side them on the beach.  The current was rather strong and was taking the kids on a ride down the shore.  We said hello and we all continued to play. They floated on down the shore and I held onto Leah’s hands, helping her dodge the small waves. It was then that I saw IT

I immediately grabbed the kids and told them we were DONE. I wrapped them up in their towels and told them we were outta there!  I couldn’t move fast enough.  I was highly grossed out and disturbed.

Now, in full disclosure I do have to share that our dog was with us, chasing a tennis ball, swimming with us in the water. But at no time did he go to the bathroom. And a bit too much information here, this floater wasn’t his shade…yes, I pick up his sh*t and know all to well what his particular scat looks like. This was no dog scat. That’s all I’m saying.


The kids didn’t want to leave the beach. They begged me to let them play in the sand for a bit. And although I wanted to find shower that resembled a HASMAT operation, I didn’t want to return to our oven of a home. I agreed. We stayed. They played OUT OF THE WATER and I tweeted the above message. (it was met with equal parts of pee-in-your-pants laughter and make-me-want-to-throw-up tweets)

A good 20 minutes passed. People came and swam where I saw THE FLOATER. It had traveled with the current to who knows where. It was out of sight. If I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes I, myself wouldn’t know better. For all I knew this thing had been making an appearance all day and we were just it’s last stop on the shore.

I sat there with the kids playing in the sand, my husband surfing and the brutally hot Lahaina sun beating down on me. I was sweating once again, almost hotter than when we had arrived.  With no floater in sight and the current having brought new water to my portion of the beach, I debated…

Do I go in for a quick dunk to cool off?


Do I sweat it out, knowing that a floater was seen in the last 30 minutes and NO WAY and I going back into that sea?!

What would YOU do?

*Corn-Dogging at the beach: When you get wet in the water and then immediately roll around in the sand, so as to cover yourself from head to toe like a corn dog.


  1. Wow! I’m not sure what I would do. I think after awhile I would just get back in if I didn’t see it anymore, the ocean is vast and you can imagine how much sea life has defecated in the ocean, which I’m sure is why its so salty.
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    • @Heather, I updated with a new post…title “Number 2” (I had to go there ;) ) You’ll see…am I a dirty, yet cooled off, bird? Or did I sweat in misery?? hmmm…. ;)

  2. I’m glad I’ve never had this experience! I definitely wouldn’t go back in.
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  3. I wonder if the people who were swimming in the turd spot looked on shore and noticed you with your jaw agape, staring in horror.

    Makes me sick to my stomach to think about all the turd/ocean water I’ve inadvertently drank over the years. *blech*
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    • @Pop, It’s pretty customary for beach goers to go numero uno in the water…you usually swim far away from people then let loose. But numero dos?! NO WAY!

      Actually that group of tourist kids were yelling, “poop!” but continued on their way. (I think it was one of theirs, thus they weren’t phased) so gross! BARF!

  4. OH MY! Thanks for the imagery ; P I think I’d be REALLY grossed out, but if you wait long enough and go to a different part of the shore for a super quick dip, then I guess it’s ok. : / What did you end up doing, Sarah?

  5. YIKES!! my freakin kids would have went back in and then i’d have to chase them!!

  6. I honestly don’t know what I would do. Did you go back in?
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  7. Me too, Andy.
    On a very rainy trip to Epcot (pre-kids), the Huzzy and I spied a lady looking forlorn while waiting for a table to eat supper.
    The forlorn lady was staring at a bit of poo laying in the bottom of a Disney rent-a-stoller.
    Did I mention it was raining?
    We will never forget that moment. I don’t suppose you really need pictures for these sorts of events.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  8. I have to admit it. I was really hoping for a picture :-)

  9. Ewww!!! That is so gross. I just don’t know what else to say… but ‘gag’! I don’t know what I would of done about the heat… I love the ocean but that just kinda ruins it, huh? What did you decide to do? either way I’m laughing!

  10. I couldn’t have gone back in! When we were on vacay in Orlando I saw a little girl pull down her suit and poop right on the concrete (where the kids water splash area was), I felt so bad for her mom lol :)
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