Waves, Sun and Floaters: Number 2

If you haven’t read Part 1…go now…this will make more sense. Go. Now. I will wait.

Ok, ready?!

So the big question was “Did I go back into the crap infested waters?” Here’s how it went…

It was HOT, the sun was SCORCHING and I was sweating. My husband was catching some pretty good waves so I knew we’d be there a while. I looked at the water with the trained eye of a CSI agent; no poop in sight. And then I did it…

I ran in, dunked myself up to my slimmed waist, gave my shoulders and arms a splash and then ran out of there.

Yes, I knowingly went back into the water where 30 minutes prior I had seen “The Floater.”


After the beach we all took baths in bleach. Not really, but we did immediately get showered, using mass amounts of soap and defunktified ourselves. We are all still living and haven’t yet grown a third head.


  1. The floater left your Island and came to mine. Lilah kicked it, and then tried to pick it up. awesome! But there are sooo many dogs on our beach it seriously as awful as this sounds, I didnt bat an eye. I said ew and had her wash her hands. What has this place done to me?

  2. Ohhh myy, I had to come back on here to hear the rest of the story. Glad to hear everyone still has only a single head intact and is still breathing. : ) Gotta love Deirdre’s anecdote! We rent as of right now, but in the future if we happen to have our own house we will definitely steer clear of Milorganite!! Disgusting!!! Wisconsinite caca.

  3. Yuck! It’s like a scene from Jaws.

  4. Ha Ha, I probably would have done the same. Why do people need to be gross like that??
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..JJs first bike- Product Review =-.

  5. Ha! I love Pop’s comment- even in paradise people poop.
    I have a related story. We were recently at Home Depot shopping for some “organic” fertilizer (lawn turning brown + kids= something natural.) There were two types: one cost $30 and the other $12. The sales assoc. said they both worked great and since we didn’t need much opted for the cheaper bag. It was called Milorganite. The bag didn’t offer directions for use so I looked it up online…turns out it is human waste. Yes, poop…from Milwaukee. I was so disgusted…needless to say the grass is still brown.

    • @Deirdre, Oh my! WHAT?! That’s truly disgusting…and to have to pay for something that you can totally make yourself, well that’s just silly ;)


  6. I would’ve done the same thing. There’s so much ocean, I mean how much damage can one turd do? Now, had that turd floated and touched you while you were taking a dip, I imagine you would’ve used bleach. :-P

    Just goes to show that even in paradise, people poop. :-)
    .-= Pop´s last blog ..Grill- Pop- Grill- Jalapeño Lime Chicken =-.

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