Mistaken Identity

This week I went to my son’s welcome meeting at his school. It was for all new students, Kindergarten through High School. So students of all ages were there.

I am fairly certain that I was indeed mistaken for a high school student at one point. Yes, I look young, yes I wear hardly any make up, no I don’t tease my hair into a bouffant or have acrylic finger nails, and thank god, thanks to my mother and father, I just have good genes and the aging process is being kind to me.

But yes, I was mistaken, probably by more than one person, as being a student. I don’t know whether to shout hooray or run to get more “mom” looking outfits (whatever that is?).

On the other hand, I myself mistakenly thought a woman was there for her child when indeed this “woman” was a high school sophomore new to the school. Oops! Is it me or are young girls looking much much older these days?

And what do you think…I should totally be an undercover cop in a high school, huh? I’d so rock that!

Have a great Aloha Friday and weekend! I’ll be having a girl’s weekend with my sister in Chicago! Any reqs on a place to eat? (It’s all about food when I travel ; ) )


  1. Do not get mom looking clothes! You are adorable!
    .-= theresa´s last blog ..My Post Blogher Wrap Up =-.

  2. You are like 21 Jumpstreet: Hawaii
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..What’s Buzzworthy- August 14th – 20th =-.

  3. I have the same gift/problem that you do of looking much younger than I am. One time I was stopped by a mall cop for being “some kid putting fliers out on cars.” Even after I showed him my ID and business card he didn’t believe me and ran a background check. He called it in as “a minor soliciting at the mall”… turns out I was older than him.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Gratitude 08132010 =-.

  4. I used to be mistaken for a student when I was a high school teacher. Before the security guards got to know me they would scold me for not being in class!
    .-= Janet´s last blog ..6- Make a Piece of Jewelry =-.

  5. I can’t tell you how often this has happened to me too! My husband says to take it as a compliment now, because someday that won’t be the case. People used to think I was a teen mom and were at times disrespectful…now I think in people’s eyes I’ve moved into my twenties, but sheesh!
    Though what Crystal had to say about Madonna vs. Lady GaGa was interesting…girls are growing up fast these days!

  6. LOL, go you! girls are looking a LOT older now- it is scary!
    .-= Eve´s last blog ..New Home Business Venture – Emily Rose @Home =-.

  7. Haha. I would probably be mistaken for a HS student as well. I wonder if at 24 I now look older than 12? Undercover mama… hey if you ever need to check up on your son you can do it on the sly. They thing you were just a student and not being a snoopy mom!

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