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Welcome to “Meet A Blogger” where I play 20 Questions with a blogger each and every week. It’s “This or That” style…I ask, you answer. Wanna be featured? Just fill this out!

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Name: Mary Burt-Godwin

Site Name: The Mama Mary Show


Twitter name: @MamaMaryShow

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20 Questions…This or that

1. Morning or night person? Night. I am wicked in the morning, particularly before my coffee.

2. Lefty or righty? right

3. Bikini or one piece? Bikini (though I should probably start thinking about a one piece considering I still haven’t lost my “baby weight” and my youngest is 2!

4. Beach or Mountain? Beach. I like the occasional hike but if I’m surrounded by mountains for too long (like on my vacation to Denver a few years ago) I begin feeling claustrophobic and need to find a beach, stat.

5. Lipstick or lip gloss? Gloss. I’m a bit of a gloss-whore. I have approximately 14 of them in my purse at all times. Nothing like a new gloss to brighten my day. My fave drugstore brands are Bonnie Bell and Lippin Large by NYC (love that one cause it kinda tingles) and my fave department store brands are  Benefit and Nars (Nars is like buttah, seriously).

6. Real Housewives of Orange County or New York? As much as I love reality TV, I am embarrassed to say that I have never seen any of the Real Housewives shows. I know, I know, total blasphemy from a self-proclaimed Trashy-TV Junkie. I’m afraid if I start watching one, I’ll never stop. Kind of like my crack habit.

7. Sweet or salty? Salty. I’ll devour a bag of chips over a bag of M & M’s any time, any day. In fact, I’m gonna dive into my bag of Trader Joes pita chips now that I’ve just salivated all over my computer thinking about this question.

8. Disneyland or Disney World? Disneyland. Only because I’ve never been to Disney World.

9. Cat or Dog: Dog. Cats and I do not get along.

10. Justin Beiber or Justin Timberlake? I HEART JT 4EVER!!!

11. Lady Gaga or Madonna? Madonna, no question. I love LG’s music but she does not do it for me like Madge. Madonna is on my list, if you know what I mean.

12. Minivan or SUV? SUV. Someone once called my SUV a van and I shot daggers at him with my eyes.

13. People Magazine or Newsweek? People. I love me some People Magazine.

14. Red or white wine? Start with a glass or two of white (chardonnay) then move to red (almost any red).

15. Coke or Pepsi? COKE! And yes, I can tell a difference.

16. Mac or PC Mac? When I worked for the event planning firm before having kids I was a PC gal, because that’s what I had at the office. But my DH is a Mac guy and has converted me since I’ve been a WAHM mom. My MacBook Pro and my iPhone are my lovers.

17. Blog or vlog? BOTH!!! There are some thoughts/stories/material that are better in writing, yet other times I feel I can get my point across better with a little dramatic interpretation on camera.

18. Blogher or Type-A? Well I just got back from BlogHer ’10 so I guess my answer is BlogHer (also because I’ve never heard of Type-A, except when someone is describing my personality).

19. Blogger or WordPress? WordPress. I started with WordPress back in Oct 2008, switched to Squarspace in March ’09 and then just recently switched back to WordPress. It’s all the rage I hear…

20. Facebook or Twitter? FB for friends, Twitter for friends, bloggers, celebs, businesses, and real estate agents in Alaska.  I love them both, but honestly I am on Twitter 24/7 and only check FB once a day.

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Also be sure to catch Mary’s Monday Momsense videos every week, they are pretty funny! Thanks Mary!


  1. It is nice to learn about Mary! I had to become a one piece gal because of the baby wieght not coming off
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..Citizenpip Lunch Gear No Mess Starter Kit Giveaway =-.

  2. Nice to “meet” you, Mary!

  3. Come say aloha to @MamaMaryShow on my “Meet a Blogger Feature” –

  4. Thanks for the feature Sarah! Hope we can meet in SoCal one of these days!!! xo
    .-= Mama Mary´s last blog ..holey hot mess =-.


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