Hula Shake {linky love} Just-say-no-to-Coke Edition

I recently had a couple of very strange dreams. The worst was the one where all of my teeth fell out leaving me with flappy gums. It was horrible. Sorta of funny, but horrible.

I told my husband about these peculiar dreams and he immediately said that someone (me?!) is trying to tell me something.  He declared it was my brain telling me to stop it with my Coke habit. Coca-Cola people.

I hate it when the hubby is right.

Coca-Cola is my weakness. I have one a day…just one. Although it’s one 20 ounce Coke a day. Yeah I was fooling myself…that’s actually almost 3 cups of Coke daily. Bad for my pocket book, bad for my teeth, bad for my body and bad for my dreams, evidently!

And after seeing this sign that my son made after hearing of my weird dream, I think it’s time I really really really try to break the habit. (My son did just have a D.A.R.E. presentation at his school on Friday. Already he’s turning against me!)

So here I go! Just say no to Coke! (and bear with me folks, I just may be a tad bit moody).

Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh my gosh! That’s crazy! I had a dream a couple months ago that all my teeth fell out too! Usually I can’t remember my dreams when I wake up, but I will NEVER forget it. My vice is Mountain Dew :|

  2. I don’t like Diet Coke and gave up Cokes for Lent this year. I have to say that now that I’ve kicked the habit I really no longer crave it. I do have about one a week or less as a “treat” now.

    Good luck girl!

    p.s. I think that dreams like that also mean you are feeling out of control…I have had them in the past, too!

    • @Jamie, That would make sense :) Kids have gone to school….hmmm, maybe I now feel as if I’m losing a tad bit of control over my kids?! Hmmm….

      Day one of no coke…so far so good!

  3. I’m quitting Coke….Hansens soda is better, yeah?! (oh and Leave your links!) Happy Monday :)

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  5. Good luck! I gave up coke about four years ago. It was tough, but my addiction was more than just one a day. (Let’s just leave it at that. I’m ashamed to admit how many I actually drank every day.) It can be tough, but I found flavored carbonated water is a good substitute. I still have one every now and then, but I don’t depend on them now.
    .-= Christina @RantRaveRoll´s last blog ..STUPID PARENTS SAY WHAT =-.

  6. Good Luck! My weakness is Mountian Dew and I too have “1” a day. I know I need to quit and it is terrible to think of what it is doing to my teeth. I think if I start having dreams like yours though I’m done LOL

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