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If you haven’t already checked it out, the site has gotten a face lift and they’re on to good things!  In fact they just announced a 20 day Social Media Crash Course for bloggers.

So first play 20 Questions with Trisha below, leave a comment, then head over to MomDot to see their new digs and join their Social Media Crash Course. You can also find more of Trisha (and me…I am a member) on the MomDot blogger forums.

Let’s give a giant Aloha to Trisha of MomDot!

Name: Trisha Haas



left to right: BabyGoodBuys, Trisha, GoodGollyMissBlondie on a Momdot Brandcation

20 Questions, This or That?

1. Morning or night person? Definitely night. I could probably work until 3am. Wait. Is that morning again?

2. Lefty or righty? Right. But my daughter is a lefty.

3. Bikini or one piece? Are you kidding? Absolutely 1 piece. I don’t care how thin or thick I am…the fact is nothing makes my rear end look 19 again. I wear a swim-dress.

4. Beach or Mountain? This may surprise people, but I do love to look at a mountain. I have been up and down and all around mountainous areas. The biggest issue I have with mountains, aside from the cold, is the fact that someone always  expects me to sleep in a tent on a mountain. Ugg.

5. Lipstick or lip gloss? I like matte lipstick, but if I had a choice, absolutely lip gloss. It looks so pretty in a tube and rarely lies on what color it actually is.

6. Real Housewives of Orange County or New York? Haven’t seen either one.

7. Sweet or salty? Generally sweet. Although I no longer buy soda to drink (and haven’t in over a month now!), I haven’t given up Hershey bars.

8. Disneyland or Disney World? Disney World. Anyone that has gone to both will say the same thing.

9. Cat or Dog? I have 4 cats and I could kill them all. I would like to tell you that they need less work than a dog, but I would be lying. Dogs kinda scare me.

10. Justin Beiber or Justin Timberlake? Both! Justin Biebers CD “My World” is a really pure voice and the music is clean. Its something my 5 year old and I can both listen to. If you do get it, the song “Up” is quite beautiful. However, I grew up on NSync and Justin Timberlake has come quite a long way. I just wish I could fine more pictures of him with his shirt off…

11. Lady Gaga or Madonna? I grew up with Madonna and I own every CD of hers…its literally like 10 or 12 or I don’t know, I lost count. That being said, somewhere after “Ray of Light” she lost me and got weird. Not weird in a good way, weird in a “I make 500 million dollars a year so I don’t care what this CD sounds like” kinda of way. I like Madonna circa 19080-1990. True Blue, Erotica, Bedtime Stories…
I also think Lady Gagas entire CD is brilliant. Her lyrics are phenomenal….my recommendation for something not on the radio? Paper Gangsta.

12. Minivan or SUV? I think Minivans are pimp, but you won’t catch me in one. I own a Ford Explorer and my next purchase will be a Lexus.

13. People Magazine or Newsweek? If you are in a doctor’s office- Newsweek. If you are getting your hair done? People.

14. Red or white wine? In my fridge you are more likely to find Asti Spumante but that new Arbor Mist Pear Pinot Grigio is tastiefied!

15. Coke or Pepsi? I’m not even going to answer this…

16. Mac or PC? Man I so want a Mac. But its probably because of the cool commercials. I use a PC and as you can see, it does me just fine.

17. Blog or vlog? I blog but I prefer to Vlog. I just don’t think anyone prefers to listen.

18. Blogher or Type-A? Brandcation! MomDot has a small, 30 person meetup that we are doing every few months based entirely on relationships and learning while hanging out with friends- sans classes. I am of a firm believer that you cannot network in 5 minutes but you can build a lasting friendship over dinner and drinks. We are fortunate enough to have brands support that same relationship building and lower the cost of the meetings-hence Brandcation-but don’t let the name fool you. Our upcoming meetups have some power packed punches that are sure to help bloggers grow in an Organic way.

19. Blogger or WordPress? If you want to take your blog to the next level? WordPress hands down. You wont find the kind of versatility that your visitors will be looking for over the next few years. And let me give this word of advice…if you have any inclination that you will be blogging for a long period of time, start out with a domain name, wordress(.com), and your own hoster. Changing all that out is really a headache and scary to some bloggers. Blogging will treat you as professionally as you treat it. It all depends on your goals.

20. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I asked for a recommendation for a booster seat on twitter the other day and with 9000 followers, only 1 answered. I asked on facebook with only 600 friends, and 10 answered. Twitter is about advertising yourself, like a big moving bulletin board, Facebook is about sharing and chatting. Pick your poison.

Have anything in common with Trisha, let her know in the comments! Thanks Trisha for playing!


  1. Hi, I agree about twitter v.s facebook
    This is a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers better:))
    .-= MOMS BEST BETS´s last blog ..Moms Best Bets Monday! =-.

  2. You’re right, it did shock me that you said mountains!! It’s nice to get to know Trisha a little better! Can’t wait to see her at Brandcation Orlando!!
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..Get organized with Smead Organomics! =-.

  3. Love it and cute pic Trisha!!

  4. I’ve been to both Disneyland & Disney World and prefer Disneyland! Great to learn more about Trisha :)
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..My Name is Not Isabella Book Review =-.

  5. I always enjoy reading the questions part. You learn so much from someone that way! Great interview and great seeing Trisha on here :)

  6. Trisha is awesome! She’s real, open, honest…and someone you can learn from if you take the time to get over yourself. Now…off to find out about Paper Gangsta.
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..VeggieTales Live Shows-a coupon and a giveaway!! =-.

  7. Trisha is a “real” girl! I am not a big blogger, but when I asked her after last year after only posting maybe twice, if I could join the momdot community so I could learn, she welcomed me with open arms & so did the community. I have never had a reason to look for another forum for help or advice or “friendship” Trisha is as real as they come. I hope I get to meet her in person soon, hopefully at a Brandcation event!
    .-= Faythe@GrammyMousetails´s last blog ..Red- red- as the fire engine says =-.

  8. Wonderful email. Always love learning more about Trisha. Can’t wait to see everyone in Orlando!!
    .-= Kimberly´s last blog ..HughesNet Internet Services are a Joke =-.

  9. Love it! Can’t wait for Brandication!
    .-= Jen @ TheSuburbanMom´s last blog ..Free Graco Lite-up Clippers for Expecting Moms =-.

  10. Great Interview! luv the questions. LOL on COKE or Pepsi answer that is funny

    When is is my turn?
    .-= Tricia @Night Owl Mama´s last blog ..WW- Rock Island Grand Prix Ready- Set- Go! =-.

  11. Gotta love some Momdot!
    .-= Kasey@AllThingsMamma´s last blog ..Live With The Things You Love =-.

  12. Disney World. Anyone that has gone to both will say the same thing.

    No way, Disneyland is far superior.

  13. OMG, Trisha always has something sassy to say.. go Trisha

  14. It’s so nice to hear more from Trisha!
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..What a Difference 2 years makes! =-.

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