Oh the irony

Both my husband and I had to go to after school care when we were younger. Our moms worked. I’d either go to the babysitters, go to a friend’s house or head home to have my older siblings watch me. I was ok with it. But I always wanted to be that mom that picked up my child from school.

Well, starting last week, my Kindergartner let me know that he’d “really really really” like to go to after school care.  He pleaded with me. Begged. I said nope. I worked my tail off to make it so that I can be home when he gets home. Nope, no after school care. We don’t need to.

Well, fast forward to today. I pull up to pick him up and he literally hid behind a column, hoping I’d keep going so he could stay and play with his new best bud, who goes to after school care every day.

I’ll admit. It hurt my feelings a bit. Made me question… “Is home that bad?” I mean we usually come home, hang for a bit, then head out for walks on the beach, hikes or bike riding…something fun.

But nope. That can’t compare to a new best friend and all that after school care has to offer…friends, legos, a playground, a rock wall to climb on, oh and did I mention, friends?

So yeah, after eyes welling up as he got into my car today I said ok and tomorrow he will go to after school care. It works. I have to go to town for an appointment anyhow, but still…

Already he’s pulling away, finding his own way, finding friends, finding his independence. All of which makes me proud and I’ll admit, a tad {read: a lot} sad.

We’ll see how it goes once he actually stays in after school care. He’ll either be hooked or totally over it, counting the minutes until I pick him up. Of course my heart is hoping for the latter, however my head knows better and is already trying to tell my heart not to get it’s hope up.

Oh the irony!


  1. That was my sister’s kids. When they were in Voluntary Pre-K, which is 1/2 day, she ended up signing them up for the whole day because they wanted to stay with their friends.

    Right now my little guy still runs me over when I pick him up from Voluntary Pre-K – but when I drop him off he is quick to give me a cheek kiss and go play with friends.

    It’s great that you (we) have given them the courage and confidence to be independent. That means you did your job! But yah, possibly as SAHMs or WAHMs we actually become dependent on our little guys – for the love, cuddles, kisses and funnies.

    Oh well. It’s our job! I guess we got to suck it up and be proud. :hugs:

  2. My guy is going through this too. I can’t wait to pick him up just to hear, “ugh Moooooom why are you so early!” He stays after an hour for club time. If I am not the last one to pick him up (oops it happened one day) he complains about me being to early. Then when we get home he sees the neighborhood kids outside and wants to run outside to play. I cherish the snuggle time when he has to read for 20 minutes. Then he bargins with me, “If I read to you for 20 minutes then you have to read to me for 20 minutes.” Sure thing!!
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  3. Aw Sarah I know how that feels. I tell Owen every morning as he waits in line to walk into the school (we can’t go in with him and wait on the playground as he walks into the building with his shape line) “Have a great day at school, I love you Owen” and I blow a kiss. I get shot down with a quick “Yeah yeah” and a wave … I finally said Owen Jeffery I love you! and it got a giggle with an I love you mama. I could’ve kicked his little butt lol. They don’t understand how tender our mama hearts are and how much we love/give up for them and in a way they shouldn’t cause it would make them give up the friends and such just to please us lol. I hope he gives you extra snuggles when he gets home.

  4. Awww big hugs!! When I was growing up we went to the after school care program for a short stint and I was not a fan. As soon as my mom was comfortable having us get off the bus to an empty house we were out of there baby.
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  5. Yes, being with mom and a sibling is never as fun as new friends! Friends are the same age, their minds work the same way, they are silly in a way we aren’t. I’m a WAHM, but I find that I have to try hard to setup play dates so he can be with friends. He says there’s not enough time to play at school!

  6. I have a friend who is a SAHM. Most days, her kids come home very late with after school/extra curricular activities. One time, she told my wife and I, “I always knew I wanted to be a SAHM because I hated being home alone, no one told me I’d be staying home alone as a SAHM.”
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  7. Shaun always asks. maybe he thinks he’ll get out of homework LOL

  8. My son has asked to go to after school care as well. Since we have to pay monthly, I said no. His reasons were the same – friends, different toys, etc. But most importantly, he’d get to be away from his 3yo brother for a longer period of time.
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    • @Amanda @ Confessions From HouseholdSix,
      Oh that’s funny! Probably the same deal here with his little sister. They have a love/hate relationship ;)

  9. /I know what you mean, I am a SAHM mom too and my kids go to an after school program too one is gone from 8:45 until 6 and the other is gone from 8:45 until 5:30 it is insane and I miss them but they want to be with their friends and they are happy so we spend our weekends together.
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    • @Jessi @ Jabbering Jessi,
      I’m thinking I’ll make it a “special” thing so if he’s good he can go (or maybe if he’s really bad, I’ll just go drop him off, lol)

  10. I’m a SAHM/WAHM with a kid that wants to go to after school care. WTF?! http://theohanamama.com/2010/09/oh-the-i

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