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DRIA Has ALL the Mamas Covered!

Have you heard of this awesomely fantastic poncho for mamas? It's called the DRIA cover and it's a fabulous item for ALL moms...expecting moms, breastfeeding moms, busy moms and just moms that want to be fashionable! I love it!  In fact, today I had to head out in the wee hours to get some coffee and I just threw on some jeans, a tank and my DRIA cover and bam, I was instantly ready to go. DRIA covers can also be used to warm up your little one (say, while on a flight), cover your stroller to … [Read more...]

One of my absolute favorite things (he’s a hottie!)

Duke is all set for Halloween. He's a mellow kind of dude, no fancy costume, but he's always up for a little fun! Argh! … [Read more...]

Recovering from Goal-Accomplishment

A long long time ago, in a land far far away a little lady and her husband had a BIG dream. They wanted to escape to the land of rainbows and pineapples. They wanted to immerse their children in a new culture. They wanted to experience this thing they had felt in tiny amounts while on vacation, called Aloha. They had a dream. They had a goal. They were determined. They spoke of the goal to friends, family and anyone who'd listen. And even with the rolling of eyes or the naysayers, when they'd … [Read more...]

How I Took Control of My Inbox

I have a TON going on! And in turn, I get a TON of email. I bet you do too. Email comes in for the blog. Email comes in for Tag a Towel. Email comes in for my son and all of his school functions. It's a LOT of dings to my inbox. I heard of Inbox Zero from Laura Roeder. If you don't know, I also work with Laura as her "Director of Communications" aka "email guru". I have for the past two years. Actually, my two year anniversary working with her is tomorrow! (wow!) Laura is FULL of … [Read more...]

Becoming a Mom Entrepreneur

Have you ever had an idea and thought, "That would make a great product!" Or "I want to start a business of my own!" Or "To work for myself would be so flipping fantastic!" Yeah, me too. And now I AM DOING IT! I am LAUNCHING A BUSINESS! (<--click me! click me!) Crazy huh? Yeah, a little. Scary too. But it's coming. It's been a long time in the making. No more time wasted. My company and BRAND NEW product is coming! And I'm sharing my journey WITH … [Read more...]