Recovering from Goal-Accomplishment

somewhere over the rainbow

A long long time ago, in a land far far away a little lady and her husband had a BIG dream. They wanted to escape to the land of rainbows and pineapples. They wanted to immerse their children in a new culture. They wanted to experience this thing they had felt in tiny amounts while on vacation, called Aloha. They had a dream. They had a goal. They were determined.

They spoke of the goal to friends, family and anyone who’d listen. And even with the rolling of eyes or the naysayers, when they’d proclaim “we’re going to move to Hawaii”, they kept their eyes on the goal.

And then they kicked. And they SCORED!

No job or family member got us to Hawaii. We didn’t move here because we were running away from something horrific. In fact we were quite happy with our little teeny tiny beach house in gorgeous, laid back North County San Diego. We had friends, good friends. We had become part of the wonderful community, loved our neighbors, loved our town, and family was close enough that we could see them within an hours notice. It was nice. We did like our life.

But we wanted more. And we wanted to do it NOW.

So we did.

We set our sights on Hawaii. And within one year we bought our very first house, we sold virtually everything we owned, and we made the GIANT leap to Hawaii.

OH…and I got pregnant while doing all of this. Life was happening quickly and all of our dreams and goals came true.

Now what?

Recovering from a goal accomplished can leave you in a state of uncertainty. Sure, I get a high when telling people about our story.  People assume we must have moved here for a job. No sane person would just up and move to fulfill a wish, a dream, a goal. That’s absurd! I love that we were CRAZY!

But I can no longer live through that dream. It has turned into our life.

So now I move on and Tag a Towel has become my new goal. I have all of the ingredients…a crazy want, a need to make it come true, not a clue how I’ll pay for it (of course I have ideas but shit, it’s scary), the burning deep down inside feeling that takes over your thoughts, and the naysayers.

But most of all, I have determination, excitement and really no reason, other than “because I want to.”

And so I will.

Do you have a goal? A crazy dream? A burning feeling of “I want more” or “what if?” Have you already accomplished a huge goal and are asking yourself “what now?” Share it!


  1. I love that you kicked. And scored. And having done it myself several times, can relate to the transition you have to make once that dream is fulfilled. Great that you have a new project to work on. Good luck!

  2. My dream is to move away from the 9th Hawaiian Island (Las Vegas) and move back home to Maui. I moved from Maui in 2000 and I’ve only been back home twice, even though my family lives upcountry. I think it’s wonderful that you chose Maui to call home, it’s a special place and a special lifestyle.

  3. It’s said that sometimes we must leap for the net to appear. Sounds like that’s what you have done, and it’s inspiring.

    I also love what the Red Queen said to Alice, “Why sometimes I believe in six impossible things before breakfast!”
    .-= Molly Gordon´s last blog ..The Top 5 Questions to Prime Your Network for More Biz =-.

  4. This is such a great post, and I love that you up and moved to one of my favorite places in the world! And I love that you have your next goal that you are focusing on now. My dream has been to start a family, and I have done that, loving this dream still! Starting my own business, and work on my terms, and I am doing that! Now my goal is increasing my income.
    Thanks again for letting dream here on your site!

  5. I love this story about how you ended up in Hawaii (though I secretly want you to move back to SD someday :)). Best of luck with your new goal. Put it out there and it will happen. My goal is to get my manuscript published. I have let it take a back seat to other things going on in my life but this post has reminded me I need to kick it into gear so I can see my dream become a reality. Thanks girl!
    .-= Mama Mary´s last blog ..last minute DIY costume ideas for halloween =-.

    • @Mama Mary, Then my day is done! :)

      I have let this new dream of mine take a backseat for THREE years. BUT, it’s never too late! NEVER!

      Go Mary Go!
      Can’t wait to buy and read your best seller ;)


  6. Sarah,
    This post made me cry – I love the story of your family making your life dream come true. I guess I never knew exactly how you went from Cali to Hawaii and feel truly touched that you shared this!

    I have some crazy dreams too – I want to reach as many overwhelmed moms I can and show them how to get back to life – get in shape, start a business, whatever. You and I both know that it ain’t over just because you have children!

    Much love lady…

    .-= Anne Samoilov´s last blog ..Fitness Myths: Understanding the Benefits of Pilates amp How To See Results Fast =-.

  7. Sarah,
    I love that your first dream of making a life in Hawaii is now the life you’re living and I trust this new dream will take form. Be patient, send a clear message to the Universe and never give up!

    P.S. My dream is to publish a fiction piece I’ve been working on, I have a good feeling about it.
    .-= Deirdre´s last blog ..TWILIGHT =-.


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