What to do on Maui: Maui Family Magazine

A few months ago I received an email from a local mompreneur after she had found me through The Ohana Mama. I was floored, in fact I think I squealed, when I read her email. See, I LOVE her quarterly magazine, Maui Family Magazine and read it start to finish when a new one comes out. It’s sorta my “Maui Family” bible, you could say. And here she was writing to ME! WOW!

We soon became friends and would meet at Whole Foods and talk story…me helping her with her social media and she helping me with Tag a Towel. (In addition to her magazine she’s also brought a few products to market…you can check out her entire “Be a Hula Girl” product line here.)

I am so excited that Maui Family Magazine is now on Facebook! So even if you don’t live on Maui, you can too can find cool things that are happening all over the island for when you come to visit.

Head on over to Maui Family Magazine’s facebook page and give them a “Like” and stay in the know of cool family things on the Valley Isle!

Let her know that “The Ohana Mama” sent ya!

(Here’s a list of where you can find the print edition of Maui Family Magazine on island)


  1. Oh awesome! I’ve actually never heard of Maui Family Magazine…but I haven’t been back to Maui in
    4-5 years (since I moved to AZ) so on some things I’m out of the loop. But I’ll be sure to check them out! :)

  2. sarah! so great talking to you today. heading over to FB now to give maui family a big fat “like”!

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