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It’s back! I have a ton of awesome bloggers to share with you so I’m starting this feature back up! Please say a great big Aloha to Cheryl of Beautiful Side of Hectic! Leave a comment for her and be sure to check out her site!
Name: Cheryl
Twitter name: @CherylPeters
20 Questions…This or that

1. Morning or night person?
I’m a night owl. And I have accidentally corrupted my children to be night people too… Much to the dismay of my husband. I do however think I’m screwed by next September (2011) when my eldest daughter will start school and I’ll HAVE to get up. Unless I homeschool. Hmmm. NO. What am I THINKING?! I would lose every amount of sanity I have left! (nothing against homeschooling, I think you’re a rockstar if you can homeschool!)
2. Lefty or righty?
I’m a righty. Although… I can do MOST things with my left since I have broken my right wrist on more than one occasion… what can I say? I’m SUPER clumsy!
3. Bikini or one piece?
Definitely a one piece. No one needs to see me in a bikini. I’m pretty sure my skin is being held together by stretch marks due to 2 somewhat successful pregnancies. Oh and losing 57 lbs recently.  (What? I brag about that. Yes, I lost 57 lbs, and no, I’m not anorexic, seriously, if you’ve ever seen a picture of me you’d know THAT isn’t true!) And I say “somewhat successful pregnancies” because I only carried my 2nd pregnancy to 30 weeks. However, the outcome was still the same. ya know, a baby.
4. Beach or Mountain?
I wish we could have both. Like a mountain top beach. Why don’t we invent one of those?? I think it would be an AWESOME destination. I’m not talking about glaciers or anything… Just something, oh nevermind. I prefer the beach.
(Sarah: psst, Cheryl…we do have that!  Hawaii, baby! come and visit me!)

5. Lipstick or lip gloss?
Seeing how I hardly ever take time for myself, I’d say lip gloss. Since I don’t really need to look at myself in the mirror to put it on, and I can do it easily with one hand. Lipstick on the other hand, takes a lot of concentration on my part. At least I don’t have to draw an upper lip on like my grandmother does. Oh crap. I really hope I don’t have to do that when I’m old.
6. Real Housewives of Orange County or New York?
I’m going to be honest. I’ve never seen these shows. I’m sure we get the shows here in the great white north (AKA Canada) but my television seems to have been taken over by the tiny humans in my house.
7. Sweet or salty?
I prefer a mixture of both. Like chocolate covered pretzels. mmm… OR! chocolate covered peanuts! Really? Anything dipped in chocolate makes me happy.
8. Disneyland or Disney World?
Since I live in the Great White North and lived a very sheltered childhood, I’ve never been to either, my husband likes Disney world. Probably because he’s been there. And if you’re planning a trip to either, feel free to invite us, we have a kid in a wheelchair. Kid in wheelchair=no lines at Disney. It’s win win. (Hey. Yes, I have a child in a wheelchair, and I’m totally ok with it, and I joke about it a lot because I don’t laugh about it, I’d probably end up in a padded cell, except I think my children are already shopping for a designer straight jacket and a nice padded room already)
9. Cat or Dog?
Well, I would love both, but I think since my children haven’t figured how to beg me for a dog yet (because we ALL know they’ll beg me and say “BUT MOOOOOOM! We’ll clean up after the dog!” and then I’LL be left cleaning up after said dog) we’re going with a cat. For now. Check back with me in another few years. We’ll probably have a zoo by then.
10. Justin Beiber or Justin Timberlake?
Um, since Beiber is from the Great White North, I’m supposed to like him, but I really don’t… So, let’s go with Timberlake.
11. Lady Gaga or Madonna?
According to my children “WE NEED MORE GAGA!” Really? Anything goes in our house. You can find me singing to almost anything.
12. Minivan or SUV?
I would LOVE an SUV. Presently though, I drive a minivan that has the same pick up as an SUV. Not that I have a lead foot or anything. Because, I don’t. I just have good reflexes.
13. People Magazine or Newsweek?
I would really like to say Newsweek so I looked intelligent and stuff, but then people would KNOW I was lying because I can’t even tell you what the cover of Newsweek looks like. People magazine is my guilty pleasure. When I’m going to get my hair done, or sit on an airplane, or I need a pick me up, People is always there for me. (And let’s face it, the magazine is better than a diet of chocolate covered lard that I would devour and ruin my diet.)
14. Red or white wine?
White. Please. I know that red is supposed to have all these health benefits, I’m just pretending my white wine has been bleached and there are still health benefits to white wine. Plus, on a nice sunny summer day, nothing is better than a glass of cold, white wine. Or beer. Look. I’m not picky. I’ll take anything.
15. Coke or Pepsi?
Coke. And if I didn’t live in Canada, Dr. Pepper. Did you know that American Dr. Pepper tastes better than Canadian? It does. AND? Canada doesn’t have cherry coke. I KNOW!!! Our country is seriously messed up. (Oh. Can I make mine a diet coke? I just love the taste of aspartame in the morning. Wait. I don’t drink coke in the morning, I leave THAT job to my husband. I guess we all have our vices.)
16. Mac or PC?
I would LOVE to try a Mac, but my husband might divorce me and then I’d be stuck with 2 children and no backup. They’d gang up on me any chance they got!!! so, I’m stuck with PC’s at the moment. Unless I get a new husband or buy one and hide it, I think I’m stuck with it for now.
17. Blog or vlog?
I haven’t vlogged. I’m pretty sure if you heard me talking in person you’d think I had problems or something. I don’t have strong enough self esteem to have me all out there vlog style. That being said, I have sung once on my website. Once. In my former life (aka before I had children) I was a musician.
18. Blogher or Type-A?
Again, since I’ve never been to either, let’s say BlogHer. On my blog, I’m an open blog stalker and I think more of the famous bloggers go to BlogHer. Although, I’m sure I could just stalk someone from anywhere. (Don’t worry. I’m not THAT creepy)
19. Blogger or WordPress?
Before I was basically FORCED to move to wordpress (What. I’m not good with peer pressure.) I would have never jumped the blogger ship. I liked my cute little sidebar that told me when people updated their blog. That being said, I LOVE my wordpress blog. Even if I AM clueless as to how do to ANYTHING on there.
20. Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook. I go on twitter, I say hi, or ask some questions and no one ever talks back to me. If I wanted to talk to myself, I’d just start talking to my kids or husband. I hate that no one ever talks to me. At least on facebook, people engage with me, if only to laugh at the funny things my kids say.


  1. Good interview! I’m going to check out her blog now.

  2. Great interview!! I agree with you on almost everything! Dr. Pepper (MN Dr. Pepper) is the best! And I love cherry Coke. Night Owl? For sure, I’m trying to be better about it lately though and go to bed around 10 and wake up at 6, heard it gives you more energy? Usually my good intentions don’t work and I become a night owl yet again. lol! And I know exactly how you feel about Twitter VS Facebook! I can’t stand how people almost never reply on Twitter! Even if it’s urgent! And I’m in the same boat as you with Mac vs. PC – would LOVE to try a Mac but can’t! Thanks for the interview, hopping over to take a look at your blog now!
    .-= Reyna ´s last blog ..UFO Sighting by Brother =-.

  3. I love Cheryl! You need to vlog. I think thats best. And your like Housewives of NY. Because I like them better. So yeah.
    .-= Alison´s last blog ..Winner for Dunkin Donuts and 3 giveaways ending! =-.

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