Dinner on the beach

Tonight we headed to the beach to enjoy some Chinese take out in the sand. The only problem was that they  gave us TWO forks for the FOUR of us. So we took turns feeding the kids like little birds…

Them opening their mouths for a bite, us carefully shoving it in there. And yes, they actually chirped and flapped their imaginary wings; they thought is was quite fun. I thought of it as a good way to not have the only two forks we had end up as digging tools and us having to eat with our hands. Although I bet that would have been fun too.

It’s all about being flexible. Spontaneous. And NOT perfect. I find that’s when things get really really fun.

After we fed our chicks, and ourselves, and the sun had set behind Lanai, the kids played chase with Daddy. I was the “safe spot”, meaning my son would run up/into me, spraying sand all over me and declaring “Mom is Safe!” I still have sand in my pockets. (always the evidence of a good, fun day!)

And then as I was putting things away, I opened my fortune cookie and read….


Yes, indeed! I feel so blessed, so LUCKY and the memories? Priceless!

Today was a FUN day!


  1. ha! that is too cute! I’ll take that view any day. I ate my chinese on the couch watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets lol.

  2. Oh how I miss the ocean! What a great dinner!

  3. I almost felt like I was there……..wish I was! Beautiful!

  4. Sounds like a perfect day in paradise, 2 missing forks and all! I love coming here, Sarah. You always fill that little part of me that misses home with your sweet photos and posts. :) Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  5. @SarahBHawaii u make me want to move back home, I miss the beach so much.. :(

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