How to get a picky eater to eat an apple

1. Peel the apple.

2. Dig around for a couple of corn on the cob holders in the back of the kitchen drawer.

3. Pop them into the sides of the apple.

4. Voila! One picky eater eating a peeled apple without sticky hands!


(as much as I’d love to say that I came up with this super awesome invention, this is one that Daddy drummed up…Daddy rocks like that! He also turns pancakes into packman…)

*do keep an eye on your little ones as those corn thingys can be sharp. But so far no hurt kids in this house, just happy apple eaters.


  1. Great idea! I don’t like apple juice running down my arm so I’ll put it to the test.

  2. RT @SarahBHawaii: Even if your kids like apples, this is a fun way to eat ’em!

  3. I love it! You’re right about the apple thing being genius! And pack-man pancakes are very cool. :D

  4. Brilliant. I am so using this with my apple-addicted toddler tonight. Thanks!

  5. Genius!

  6. My kids actually love apples, but i am gonna pass this to my neighbors and my friends.
    I also like the pancakes packman, cute!

  7. How do ya like them apples?! New post “How to get a picky eater to eat an apple”

  8. Awesome post! I love it. I don’t have kids but I do have a niece so I’ll have to keep this idea in mind :-)


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