My new fave camera app for iphone

I’ve switched it up lately and have given my ShakeItPhoto app a rest. Instead, I’m slightly addicted to the CameraBag app. It costs only $1.99 but offers some super photo fun!

Reasons why I love this app…

  • It automatically saves the original photo taken
  • You can easily scan through the different enhancements with a flip of your finger (and not your middle finger, this app is easy and not frustrating!)
  • You can pull old photos, that you took a year ago but still have on your phone, and create brand new masterpieces
  • You are able to email the photo out to friends right from the app
  • You can layer the effects

(Quick How To: 1. add effect 2. save photo. 3. grab the recently saved photo and add another effect. Save and continue …this is what I did of the pics of me below. It’s fun and addicting!)

  • You can create cool pics and upload to twitter or facebook in seconds! No having to save the photo to your computer, edit and then tweet out or post. This app is great for on-the-go-cool-photo-sharing!

Here’s a sample of turning a blah photo, in this case, me with no make up and looking half dead, into a cool artsy photo in seconds using the CameraBag iPhone app! Have fun with it!

Do you have a fave camera app?  Please share!


  1. I love the idea of being able to do all that from your phone! Sadly, I am a lost cause when it comes to using the camera on my cell… I have no clue as to how to USE it… never mind using apps to edit the photos (hmmm… I probably shouldn’t be admitting this publicly… kind of embarrassing, really…) That being said, my contract is up, and they are offering all kinds of upgrades to better phones… maybe I’ll have to check them out, and while I’m at it, actually learn to use some of the cool features on it!

    • @Sheralyn at Paradise Found in Maui,

      I am in love with my iphone. I have the “old” one that you can buy for $99 :) Love it!

  2. I’m getting more and more interested in photo apps for my iphone, because they work incredibly well and it’s so awesome to capture little moments in my every day! My personal favorite app right now is Instagram – it just does everything so quickly and with style. I am trying to get the hang of Hipstamatic, but for some reason am baffled by the tiny viewing window and really never know what I’m going to capture.

  3. Nice!

    I personally love Pano – and with you being in Hawaii, I’m sure you’d create some ridiculous panorama shots. Much more exciting than my 360 view of my cubicle. :-)

  4. Love retro camera! Does the same as the one you are using now!


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