I am thankful for….Family

I am so incredibly grateful and thankful for my tiny family of four. We’re out here in the middle of the pacific ocean all on our own, no Grandparents, no Aunties or Uncles….it’s just us. This is a special time in our life, as the children grow up, our roots take off on Maui and we do it all…just our tiny family of four…

We took family photos for the first time last week. I am pretty sure that children of bloggers either love the camera or detest it. Thankfully, as of now, my children love it and turn on anytime they see something with a shutter. My son even likes to dance to the security camera at our local drug store while I check out. He’s 100% ham!

The photo session went off without a temper tantrum. There were no tears, that I can remember, and it ended with two dirty kids. (Always evidence of a good time.)  I’d say it was a success! Much of that success is due to Kellie Hatcher, the wonderful photographer that captured this time in our life.  Kelly was ah-mazing with the kids!

If you are in Maui for the holidays I would highly suggest getting family photos. Yes, you can capture memories with your own camera but to have a “fly on the wall”, taking photos of you and your family like brandon foster owes, well, it’s priceless!

You can view more photos here (believe me…click on the link…they are muy muy bueno! (aka super awesome): http://www.KellieHatcher.com

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!  May it be filled with good grub, belly laughs and memories!


  1. Awesome photos! You have such a cute little family, Sarah. I feel a lot like you, putting down roots far away from home without family around. It’s an exciting adventure for sure! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Beautiful pics of your beautiful family! I can’t pick a fav but I love the one of you all on the beach and the dog poking his head in the middle.

  3. So cute!! It would be unbelievably difficult to start somewhere fresh without support of Grandma and Grandpa around the corner. I love that you’re making it work!

  4. Loved the pics! They are AMAZING! It put a huge smile on my face to see your pics… made me think of what it will be like to be in Maui again with my own family next year! ooooo…. I can’t wait!!!!!

  5. Oh, these are gorgeous! You must be very pleased with how they turned out. :) And I feel like you do about being out on your own and setting roots – although, we are a HUGE family of SEVEN, and we’re on our own planet in Texas (which is light years away from the peace and beauty of Hawaii). Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  6. Yay! We took family pics and there were no nose picking shots! I am thankful! :) http://theohanamama.com/2010/11/thanksgi


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