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New Years Eve Eats!

I don't know about you but New Years Eve always makes me want yummy food, finger foods preferably, and some bubbly!  I think that's what we'll do this year. Run the kids ragged at the beach during the day and then get them to sleep early at night. Then we can have a stay-in date night with yummy finger foods and bubbly. We'll see if we make it to midnight... Here are some yummy grinds that would be perfect for New Years!  What are your plans? Happy 2011! Yummy Looking Mushroom … [Read more...]

Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes

It's the cliche of becoming a parent... The Docs "Well, she's got all ten fingers and all ten toes!" (hallelujah! the first of many parental breath holds is let out) And you scream it through the phone when announcing the new arrival, "Yup, all ten fingers and all ten toes!" Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes... And then as you breastfeed you stare hours upon hours at them. Holding them in your hand, rubbing them as if a worry stone. You marvel in that little grip on your finger. … [Read more...]

Hula Shake | Finding Clarity in 2011

Aloha! And welcome to "the Monday-after-Christmas"! This means we have all week to go on and on about our New Years resolutions. Speaking of which, are you making any? Well, start off the year with a little more "clarity" with the help of, who offers designer prescription glasses at discount prices. This online shop has eyeglasses to suit all tastes; from the cool Yoshi Ayaka specs pictured above to Nike prescription glasses for those that are more sporty. (who knew Nike made … [Read more...]

Our Christmas Eve Tradition…Make Yummy Risotto

My Grandma used to make Risotto on Christmas Eve.  As she got older my older sister stepped in to keep it going.  Tonight, I will be continuing my grandmother's traditions and will be making risotto.  As will my brother and his family with my parents in Southern California and my sister and her family in Michigan.  We won't be physically together but we will all be together in spirit (and on skype at some point). My sister wrote this awesome tutorial on Risotto and she is allowing me to share … [Read more...]

Obama comes home to Hawaii for the holidays

Aloha Mr. President!  I just think it's so cool that our President comes home to Hawaii for his vacations and holidays! According to the Star-Advertiser, he arrived early this morning. Maybe we'll see some good shots of him body boarding again. Or maybe he'll give stand up paddling a try? Most people here welcome him with open arms. Just yesterday you could hear chatter of "the President's coming home" just walking through our local mall. We're all real proud of Hawaii's Obama! You can even … [Read more...]