There’s no place like home…flying into Maui

I just got chills as I wrote the title of this post, realizing that MAUI is my home. I feel so blessed. The people, the culture, the land, they are all amazing (that word simply doesn’t do it justice…one day I will be able to really capture into words just how much this magical land has grasped my heart).

Like many things, to truly appreciate this wonderful place, you sometimes have to leave…it is then, as you fly back into Maui that you get to discover it all over again, this time from the air. We got to do this yesterday as we returned from Oahu.

The bright blue ocean crashing into white sand beaches, the green mountains, the red dirt, the crop circles and the clouds that hang over Haleakala volcano…it’s all…magical.

So the next time you come in to land on the Valley Isle, be sure to look out your window. Let your children look out the window. Take note. Take pictures. It’ll be the perfect beginning to discovering this amazing and mind blowing little island…Maui.

looking at West Maui

to the east towards Kihei

North Kihei welcoming us back to the island

crop circles as you go in for the landing


  1. I hear my sister talk with that same affection about Hawaii and her many years living there. It’s a special place, indeed! :)

  2. Meanwhile it is freezing in “HOTlanta.” Freezing cold temperatures, Wizard of Oz winds and blowing snow were NOT in the contract I signed when we decided to move here! Yes, we are in a warmer place than before, but it still ain’t warm enough!

  3. islandPaperie says:

    @TheOhanaMama Beautiful pictures! Mahalo!

  4. islandPaperie says:

    RT @TheOhanaMama: “There’s no place like home…flying into Maui” – (photos)

  5. RT @TheOhanaMama: “There’s no place like home…flying into Maui” – (photos)

  6. It’s always nice to come home, that’s for sure!

  7. You are so very, very blessed! We were hoping to move to Maui a couple of years ago but our plans took another turn.


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