It’s Molokai Sweet Potato Quiche for Christmas Morning

getting a private how-to from Maui Chef Susan Teton at the Amuse Bouche

photo‘s courtesy of Sneak Peek Eats

A couple of weeks ago I attended a tweetup hosted by Sneak Peek Eats and Ritz-Carlton Club and Residences. The theme was an Amuse-Bouche, with four Maui Chefs each creating a dish for us to nibble on. There were tastings and games and twitter friends turned into “in real life” friends. Oh yeah…and it all happened at this insanely gorgeous ocean view condo at Ritz-Carlton Club and Residences in Kapalua. The event was a real treat!

One of my absolute favorite dishes was Chef Susan Teton’s – Sweet Potato Quiche. This dish may look demure but it packs a punch in flavor. The combination of the sweet potato, coconut infused onions, lime and goat cheese…well, doesn’t that just sound amazing? It is. And the cool thing is, I bet you could make it. I’m planning on giving it a whirl for our Christmas morning. {crossing fingers it turns out!}

I emailed Chef Susan Teton for the recipe…her email is below. I thought it was more fun this way…like a friend sharing a recipe, rather than having the recipe in bullet points. enjoy!

Chef Susan Teton – Sweet Potato Quiche

“I boil the whole potatoes first (2 med size Molokai sweet potatoes) and then let them cool. Try not to overdo them so they are not real mushy. Usually I cook them a day ahead and then throw them in the fridge overnite and make my dish the next day. Peel them and then grate them. Caramelize a whole onion with coconut oil and then add them to your grated potatoes. Then just press the pile of soft potatoes and onion into your pie dish. Mix 6 or more eggs (depending on size of pie dish) with one cup of each spinach and cilantro (chopped fine) + 1/3 cup red pepper and some salt, pepper and cayenne if you like {pour into pie dish}.  Bake at 350 for 30 to 40 minutes. Don’t let it get too dry. Top with goat cheese and fresh lime!!”

Sweet Potato Quiche

Chef Susan Teton's Sweet Potato Quiche


  1. What a great way to use sweet potatoes, gonna have to try this soon!

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