Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes

It’s the cliche of becoming a parent…

The Docs “Well, she’s got all ten fingers and all ten toes!

(hallelujah! the first of many parental breath holds is let out)

And you scream it through the phone when announcing the new arrival, “Yup, all ten fingers and all ten toes!

Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes…

And then as you breastfeed you stare hours upon hours at them. Holding them in your hand, rubbing them as if a worry stone. You marvel in that little grip on your finger. You give each little toe a kiss as you play with your little new baby.

Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes…

And then they get bigger. And time gets short. You see them as you fight to give them a cleaning each night.

“Bath time is for fun, mama!” not actual cleaning, she insists.

Or you catch a glimpse of them as you are getting your little one ready, “Oh my, those things need a clipping!” So you cut cut cut.  And then rush rush rush to get your wee one out the door to that mommy and me class, all without a minute to marvel.

Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes…

And then one day she grows up and asks you for “pretty nails.” Her first mani/pedi, mark the day!

And then all of a sudden there you are again. Back to that newborn baby. Her tiny fingers and tiny toes resting in your open hand. She sits ever so still. “I don’t want to ruin them mama.” And you finally take that minute to marvel. You are rushed back to when she was a babe. And you see once again, how perfect they are….

Those ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes.


  1. I compare little Kaya’s non walked on feet to KoKo’s almost 4 year old feet and still love to hold them in my hand when she sleeps. Ian has a foot phobia, so he will only still hold Kaya’s baby feet :p My mom still loves to hold and rub my feet till this day :) xo

  2. Very precious post and picture!

  3. So sweet!!! :)

  4. Amen! You’ve said it all, and very eloquently. Always loved those “dow-lows” little toes… they just grow up way too fast. So glad you are documenting all of this on your blog. (I see a journal/novel possibly in the future, an inheritance for future generations).

    I’ve loved and still love ….. ALL of those ten little (and some now BIG) fingers and ten little toes! Up skies, xo xo

  5. How funny! I was just looking at Kaila’s toes today and thinking how perfect they are.


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