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10th Annual Buy Back the Beach Event at Old Lahaina Luau

Saturday 1/29, I'll be live tweeting by the minute happenings at the 10th Annual Hawaii Island Land Trust's Buy Back the Beach event, taking place at the world famous Old Lahaina Luau. Starting around 5 p.m. Hawaii Time (that's 7 p.m. Pacific), I'll be tweeting photos of this jam packed event. There will be entertainment from the folks at Old Lahaina Luau as well as culinary treats from some of the top Chefs on the island. And best of all an AMAZING auction will be held for some fantastic … [Read more...]

A moms only lane and other random thoughts

a moms only lane On my way to pick my son up from school, I wasn't late but I wasn't on time either (there is a 20 minute "pick up period"), I realized that all roads, freeways, highways, etc should have a "Moms Only Lane." Just for those moments when you are rushing to get your child to school, or to the doctor's or to soccer practice or or or. You get the idea. I'd even be cool and let Dad's use it too (of course!) the hardest part to a mom's night out is actually leaving the house I went … [Read more...]

A day in the life of a SuperMom

I obviously had not yet put on my cape when I took my son to school yesterday because the following happened... After dropping off my son not only NOT as a cowboy, but also in his school uniform when it was a free dress day, I quickly took my daughter to preschool, dropped her off, threw on my SuperMom cape and then flew drove 20 minutes back home. Once home, I ran inside and found a plaid shirt and his cowboy hat. Thank goodness I had just reorganized his closet so I knew just … [Read more...]

My take on the Kenmore Elite Trio Fridge

About three months ago our home welcomed a new addition. A really large, rather cold (in the best of ways), stainless steel of an addition...the Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator. Other than looking really good and keeping our food at the perfect temps, this french door, freezer on the bottom fridge has a bunch of cool features. Here are the top ten reason I'm falling for my refrigerator (and why my husband is totally ok with that)... Top Ten Reasons I Love My Kenmore Fridge Even with an … [Read more...]

Love Hawaii? Buy Back the Beach!

After growing up in Southern California and seeing our shores literally gobbled up by houses and coffee shops, I am always a little in awe that there is still so much land on Maui, even the land right up to the ocean, that isn't developed. It's Fabulous. It's Fantastic. It's Freeing. And YOU can help keep it that way. If you'll be on island January 29th, whether you are visiting or live here, you are invited to the 10th Annual Buy Back the Beach event put on at the Old Lahaina Luau by … [Read more...]