Today is MY birthday!

nothing to do with my birthday but i just love this old pic of the kids (before they fought over where to sit on the couch). They are THE best presents year after year

And as my gift to myself, I pledge to…

Take a loooong shower (maybe even sing a tune or too)

Actually blowdry and style my hair (I see a new profile pic coming…the one I have is from the last time I actually did my hair)

Play with makeup…you know like you did before kids.

Go get a latte.

And a magazine or two.

Maybe I’ll even get myself a manicure/pedicure.

I will drink lots of water with lemon (this is random but it sounds good)

and buy flowers for our dining room table (this is a new year’s resolution…to have more flowers in the house, just daisies will do)

Because today?

Today is MY birthday!



  1. I know I’m late, but happy birthday!! I hope you had a fantastic day.

  2. Your blog is awesome….

  3. Happy happy birthday! Have a good one!

  4. HulaGrillMaui says:

    @TheOhanaMama happy birthday little lady!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, gorgeous!

  6. Hope you had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday! :D

  7. Happy Birthday!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Sarah! It’s been a pleasure interacting with you the past few months via Laura.

    Enjoy your daisies…and lemon water (if ya didn’t drink it, then just know that I drank an entire glass for you today! rare for me!)


  9. Happy Birthday! I guess a walk on the beach didn’t make the list.

  10. Happy Birthday Sarah…Sounds Fab …have a facial as well, then have your hair Styled, it’s the only way to finish off a Mani & Pedi.
    Oh and don’t forget a Margarita too. Happy Birthday again from Down-under!

    Cheers Suzie

  11. Happy Birthday!!
    Having more flowers in the house is a good idea.
    Oh Do I Need a latte!! lol
    Have fun on your day!!

  12. Sounds like a great and relaxing day! Happy birthday!!

  13. KerryElly says:

    @TheOhanaMama happy birthday!!! Have a fabulous day. :)

  14. That all sounds divine! I hope you get to cross them all off your list. Don’t you just LOVE birthdays!!? :) Have a great one!

  15. Happy Birthday Sarah!

  16. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Sarah!

  17. packyouraloha says:

    @TheOhanaMama hau‘oli lā hānau!

  18. sarahjcarter says:

    @TheOhanaMama Happy Birthday!!!!

  19. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy a day full of everything that makes you happy! :)

  20. herchannel says:

    @TheOhanaMama Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Ohana Mama, happy birthday to you!

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