My de-tangled beauty…Le Baby Inc. Detangler, a review

Over the winter break we took the kids to see Tangled. It was great. Two thumbs up! Go see it.

Over here I’ve got my own little Rapunzel. Her golden curly q’s are quite the conversation piece. They are also the cause of a lot of screaming when they get tangled.

But not any more (said in a sing songy voice).

Enter my magic potion for tangle-free hair for your little one. Le Baby Inc Detangler.

Made by one of my favorite baby hair product makers, who also makes awesome Baby Hair Gel, this detangler not only works, but it’s free of any bad ingredients so it’s safe for my little one and it smells great.

Best of all, it keeps my princess happy and her curls looking Rapunzel-play-time-ready.

Check it out for your tangled beauty and purchase here: Le Baby Detangler


  1. Ooooo… makes me glad I have boys with short hair. Curly hair runs in my hubby’s family… I can only imagine what I’d be dealing with if I’d had girls!!! (Mind you, I suppose if I had to deal with that problem I could just buy that product and my problem would be solved :D)

  2. I’ll have to give this a try. My daughter HATES when I brush her hair b/c I’m not one of those dads that’s skilled with brushing girl’s hair. My daughter thanks you in advance. :-)

  3. paulaseguin says:

    @TheOhanaMama I will try it. With three little girls with curls, I’m living with tangles and screams. Thanks sarah.

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