My take on the Kenmore Elite Trio Fridge

About three months ago our home welcomed a new addition. A really large, rather cold (in the best of ways), stainless steel of an addition…the Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator.

Other than looking really good and keeping our food at the perfect temps, this french door, freezer on the bottom fridge has a bunch of cool features. Here are the top ten reason I’m falling for my refrigerator (and why my husband is totally ok with that)…

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Kenmore Fridge

  1. Even with an in-door ice maker and water dispenser, this bad boy has door storage!  Most refrigerators make you lose this valuable refrigerator real estate in exchange for an ice maker. Not the Elite Trio.
  2. See that? That’s the filter for your water. See how it takes up little to no room?  That’s not always the case! But with this fridge I can get filtered water and don’t lose room…this makes me happy.
  3. The shelves move, either completely out, up, down or pushed under one another so you can make room for those champagne bottles…or a gallon of milk.
  4. This shelf and the one above are deep enough to hold a sheet cake or a box of pizza. We’ve tested the pizza part…a few times.
  5. Again, this fridge is all about flexibility. The shelves on the right-side door are all move-able for a custom fit for your groceries. (Oh! and about those doors, you don’t need to always open both doors, you can do either/or…the left or the right all by themselves.)
  6. This drawer is great for those quick snacks for the kids. It’s the perfect height for little hands to help themselves. (just make sure they remember that both doors have to be open in order for the drawer to open all the way. It took a while (and a lot banging of that drawer) before they got it.  I’d probably REALLY love it if this drawer was divided, so it could be opened with one door open)
  7. Bottom freezer. Need I say more? Extra cool…it has a drawer that’s sorta hidden and out of sight so you can keep the sweets there (and away from the kidlets), I also love that they have an ice bucket to hold extra ice, perfect for when you have parties.
  8. It has this super fancy touch screen. This is the control center of this mother ship. It has a note pad, a calendar (yes, you can add appointments and it’ll remind you on that day), it has a mommy’s helper aka, really cool section that shares tidbits about foods and how to store them.
  9. The water dispenser area is big enough for a pot! No more doing a balancing act to get water for that pasta. The really awesome part…it measures how much water it’s dispensing! So if your recipe calls for 2 cups, well, it’ll tell you when you get to two cups. What I would love? If I could program different measurements so that it would stop when it got to however much I needed.
  10. And the last but absolutely NOT least is one little button, one little button that’s so so so’s called a LOCK button. So little hands, who will surely be intrigued by the cool touch screen, don’t go in and turn your ice cream into soup and your milk into ice cream. Thank you Kenmore!

My journey is only just starting with this new addition. So far, I am in love. It’s pretty, functional, helpful and well, keeps my food tasty. Thinking about getting a fridge? Have questions about the Kenmore Elite Trio? Feel free to ask me in the comments!

Kenmore provided product for review (and to love for years to come, mahalo!)


  1. Oh, wow, I’ve been eyeing this fridge! Think Kenmore will let an organizer put it through a test? I’d be all over that baby. Love your design tweak ideas.

    I think I’m starting to fall….

  2. This fridge could take over the world!

    It’s so awesome, we have nothing like that in Spain, worth moving to Hawaii just to get a fridge like that :)

  3. I have fridge envy.

  4. KerryElly says:

    @TheOhanaMama awesome refrigerator!!!

  5. Looks mighty nice! :)

  6. This is so good to know. We are looking to upgrade! I hope you have a great weekend.

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