A day in the life of a SuperMom

I obviously had not yet put on my cape when I took my son to school yesterday because the following happened…

After dropping off my son not only NOT as a cowboy, but also in his school uniform when it was a free dress day, I quickly took my daughter to preschool, dropped her off, threw on my SuperMom cape and then flew drove 20 minutes back home.

Once home, I ran inside and found a plaid shirt and his cowboy hat. Thank goodness I had just reorganized his closet so I knew just where they were. SuperMom for the win!

Another twenty minute drive and I was back at his school. They called him to the office and when he saw me with this cowboy digs, the smile could have lit the world. YES! I can make light too!

We quickly threw off that uniform, put on that plaid shirt, tucked it in “like a real cowboy, mom” and topped him off with a hat and he was off. No kiss though – I mean, we were at school, someone may have seen. (haha)

We all have her in us…that SuperMom…the one that can make things right in a blink of an eye after our cape has perhaps fallen to the ground or is covered in spit up or peanut butter and jelly. That cape can be dusted off in a moments notice. Don’t leave home with out that cape!

Share one of YOUR SuperMom moments!


  1. I love this! The other night we were at a friends house, and I was laughing so hard about something. Somehow, in the excitement, my son (amost three) just slipped off my lap and fell on the floor. Oops! #supermom

  2. Oh you did good. I’m sure he is proud of his SuperMom. I would have done thesame for my daughter :)

    • @Blessing @ Working Mom Journal,

      I totally had that choice, like a choose your own adventure book, where I could have said, “oh well, he’ll be ok” But I chose to put on my cape, however dusty it was ;) And it rocked! :)

  3. Amazing how quickly we can move when we have the opportunity to make their day!

  4. christinewalkr says:

    RT @TheOhanaMama: From MomFail to SuperMom…all in a days work ;) http://theohanamama.com/2011/01/a-day-in

  5. All in a day’s work for Super Mom!

  6. Good save!

  7. Go go gadget Sarah! lol


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