A moms only lane and other random thoughts

a moms only lane

On my way to pick my son up from school, I wasn’t late but I wasn’t on time either (there is a 20 minute “pick up period”), I realized that all roads, freeways, highways, etc should have a “Moms Only Lane.” Just for those moments when you are rushing to get your child to school, or to the doctor’s or to soccer practice or or or. You get the idea. I’d even be cool and let Dad’s use it too (of course!)

the hardest part to a mom’s night out is actually leaving the house

I went out for a mom’s night out last night. It had been forever since I did this. During the day I came up with a million and one reasons as to why I shouldn’t go…yes, I was suffering from mommy guilt. And as I raced to get ready, and then snuck out of the house (literally), I realized…the hardest part to a mom’s night out is actually leaving the house. But I did! And I had fun and well, I’m so happy that I made it out of the front door!

never check your email when you can’t devote your full attention to it

I’m the first person to gush over my iPhone. I do love having access to my email all day, it’s come in handy more than once. But I realized, and soon made a rule…don’t check email on the iphone unless I can dedicate a few minutes (at least) to respond or delegate right then and there. Otherwise email can just add to your mental plate, fill it up really fast and whatever you are doing, whether alone time or with the family, well, it gets pushed to the side, even if just mentally. Don’t over pile your mental plate…things will start to fall off if it.

long showers

When I was little my mom took really long showers. Now, I totally get it. I find myself using about 5 minutes to wash my hair and do a quick shave and then I sit, think, relax…and no one bothers me. For the most part. Long showers…they’re the key to a happy mom, I’m convinced.

mental plates, roadways, long showers and mom’s night out…what’s your take?


  1. For me, getting out of the house for GNO is crucial! Leaving the house involves more planning and preparation than a military drill (make dinner, lay out P.J.’s, etc.), but it’s SO worth it!

  2. Yep, long showers are my moments of serenity for the day – although occasionally interrupted, like Sheralyn mentioned, by kid sounds floating in from other rooms in the house. Enjoyed your deep thoughts for the day in this post.

  3. I love your ideas! So this is what you think of during your long showers, eh? LOL! I love that time too, especially now that the boys don’t want to sneak in my shower anymore. Warm, relaxing quiet time.

  4. A “Mom’s lane” *for sure*! And there would be nothing but green lights. :)

  5. amandakrill says:

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  6. Ooh long showers – that’s all me. I feel awful wasting the water – but it really is the only time they leave you alone!

  7. mental plates: yeah… definitely agree that one has to be careful not to overcrowd it… it’s WAY too easy to overfill though, isn’t it?

    roadways: LOVE that idea! :D

    long showers: I’m the queen of long showers… the only flaw is that our bathroom isn’t soundproof, so I can still hear the shrieks and bumps coming from the little people of the house! I actually kind of like it if it’s happy shrieks… but if the shrieks turn into wails… well… soundproofing would be nice for that… Dad has it all under control anyways! ;p

    mom’s night out: a MUST-DO to keep our sanity… don’t get them often, but I make the most of them when I get them! :D


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