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Weekend Reading…Mixing Business with Pleasure

This week I have a couple of guest spots up around the web. One will help with your biz or blog (or life, really), the other will offer some travel lover pleasure. It's all about balance around here...a little bit of biz, a little bit of pleasure, that's how I roll (the really cool thing is that business brings me it's a two-for) Read up and enjoy! Happy weekend! The Ohana Mama around the web... How to Work Virtually Anywhere with Cloud Computing (via The Mogul … [Read more...]

How to look like a star mom at t-ball sign ups

This past weekend we signed my son up for t-ball. I'm excited. This is when parenting gets really really fun. (And we get to scream and cheer and jump up and down without any shame). In order to get him signed up I needed his birth certificate. I went to where it should have been. Yes, should. It wasn't there. I searched high and low and it didn't turn up. I have one more file drawer that I'm going to clean out (come on, don't we all have one of those drawers?), I think it may be in there. … [Read more...]

Stealing quiet time

Swinging And swaying Palm trees playing music with their fronds Birds chirping Clouds passing Eyes closing Having some quiet time. (the pitter patter of tiny feet rush towards me and womp! A little princess lands on my lap. And together we swing and sway, and giggle and talk. Stealing some a quiet time) … [Read more...]

Happy ❤ Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Aloha style... Do you see it? It's a heart cloud! Taken last night...what are the chances! Happy ❤ day! … [Read more...]

a little jaunt to the ‘Iao Valley

We had a great, mellow day that included a trip to the 'Iao Valley, which is just a short 40 minute drive from Lahaina, near Wailuku Town. Along the way we spotted whales splashing - a  baby and mom. It was the quintessential day on Maui! We first stopped off at the Hawaii Nature Center Gorgeous 'Iao Valley... The 'Iao Needle Warriors used it as their look out spot back in the day We played in the can see a lei someone had thrown into the water peeking out from … [Read more...]