Never get (or give) a bunk Valentine again!

I’m a simple gal really. I’m completely happy with a card and a kiss on Valentine’s Day. (lucky hubby, huh?!) But it is super awesome when you do get that special gift you’ve wanted, whether a set of new knives (yes, I’d LOVE that hubby) or a necklace…it’s always nice to get that super duper special thing that you just plain want!

Well, my girlfriend Carley Knobloch of has the perfect way for you to never get a bad Valentines or birthday present again! And of course to make sure you always give someone a gift they will love or need…it’s always nice to be the most awesome gift giver on the block, right?!

Want The Perfect Gift?  Wish for it at Wishpot

You’ve heard the saying “it’s the thought that counts,” but have you ever gotten one that leaves you wondering “What were they thinking?”  When it comes to gift ideas for your Baby Shower, Wedding Registry, or most importantly, Valentine’s Day, forget subtle hints— try ( Create an online wish list that, with the push of a button, automatically adds anything and everything you desperately want right to your personal wish list.  Then share the items you’ve been lusting after, with your husband, friends, co-workers, and especially your mother-in-law who inexplicably believes you frog figurines.  So now, in spite of what Mr. Jagger might profess, “you CAN always get what you want.”

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  1. I just checked it out… looks great! What an awesome idea! :)


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