Weekend Reading…Mixing Business with Pleasure

This week I have a couple of guest spots up around the web. One will help with your biz or blog (or life, really), the other will offer some travel lover pleasure. It’s all about balance around here…a little bit of biz, a little bit of pleasure, that’s how I roll (the really cool thing is that business brings me pleasure…so it’s a two-for) Read up and enjoy!

Happy weekend!

The Ohana Mama around the web…

How to Work Virtually Anywhere with Cloud Computing (via The Mogul Mom)

Imagine working from a sailboat, 2,500 miles from your home office, without your own personal computer. Imagine replying to emails, loading blog posts, creating spreadsheets, even taking part in a weekly team meeting, all while being away from your office and personal computer.

Sounds impossible, right? It isn’t. I’ve done it. Read More…

A Photo Tour of Hawaii (via Ciao Bambino)

Be sure to flip through all of these fun photos. My friend and amazing Maui family photographer, Kellie Hatcher is also included!

Click here to see some of the fun we have here in Hawaii!

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  2. I enjoyed both of those links! The concept of cloud computing sounds really interesting… and getting it free via Google Apps is fantastic.

    Loved all of the great Hawaii photos on the second link… it was great that there were little anecdotes to go along with all of them too! :)

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