My “ruff” life living on Maui

A couple of weeks ago I took the kids…all THREE of them…yes, my pup, Duke is my third child…to the beach to meet up with some new friends. I met Aimee, who runs an awesome West Maui vacation accommodation,  and she soon introduced me to Maui animal and lifestyle photographer, Danielle. We decided to have a playdate with our animals and I decided to bring my two kids along for the ride (after all, I’ve been known to call them ‘animals’ from time to time).

It was a super fun late afternoon at my favorite place, Baby Beach. There we were, four dogs (not including all the many furry friends that joined in as they passed by on their afternoon walk), two kids and a paddle board.

Danielle snapped pics, Aimee adopted my children for me and I chased Duke down the beach when he decided to make a run for it with a Water bottle. It was fun and the pictures are fantastic! Enjoy!

Muffin, Hulk, Aimee, and my two keiki (kids)

(I’m thinking of recreating this for a new header…I think it’d be pretty cool)

Oh to be a dog….

“Don’t move. Don’t fall.”

Cam in deep (and silly) concentration

In all honestly, I’m not sure which one of the three yellow Labs this is…all I know is that he’s adorable!

How we spend much of our time…”Chase me, Mom!”


Big brother taking little sis for a ride

The best (and biggest) drawing pad ever!


Simply adorable!


  1. Love these photos Sarah! I kind of randomly ran into this earlier post when I was googling “life on Maui”…so glad I did.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Thanks for sharing those joyful photos. :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! Great pics, and the header idea is terrific too.

  4. Awesome photos and yes that one on the surfboard would make an awesome header! Saying hello from Nashville…Hawaii is on my must see list! :)

  5. Awesome photos Sarah! Love them! I first saw some of these on Aimee’s FB and thought it’s the cutest photo, I didn’t know she was with your kids and dog. Super cool!

  6. love the blog! had such a great time, we will have to get the boys involved next time!

  7. Love it Sarah! However, I’m Confusing, I know. :) It’s that dang single “b” that gets me everytime! Love it. Thanks for a great beach day. XOXO

  8. Beautiful beach! Great photos!

  9. The photos are awesome. I can’t pick a favorite. The one with the two dogs, Aimee and the kids on the surfboard is awesome. I also love the two dogs on the surfboard. And that pic of you chasing Cam is so real.

  10. Sweet pictures

  11. Wow! I love these photos and the Burns Family knows how to have fun! I see that Greg is missing, he must have been at work :)

  12. Soooo much fun!! :)

  13. Loving these pictures, thanks for sharing!

  14. Looks like you guys had a fantastic time! Love the pics!

  15. LOVE these pictures!!


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