Our Spring Break Staycation: Maui Golf & Sports Center

We had a super marvelous, uber-fantastic spring break with my son last week. We did it staycation style, which was pretty easily done since we live in one of the number one vacation destinations!

So what do people who live in paradise do on a staycation?  We…


Play a mad game of golf

jump like a froggy

shoot water at people (and not get in trouble!)

and then climb mountains

All in a days work when you are a kid growing up on Maui!

If you are on your way to Lahaina, just before Maalaea, you’ll pass a volcano on your left and there you will find Maui Golf & Sports Center. The center is super clean, safe and the staff is great. It’s not huge but it’s the perfect spot to have a fun family day!

DISCOUNT! You can get a coupon two for one golf, for Maui Golf & Sports Center here.

I’ll be sharing more of our fun spring break this week, so stay tuned!


  1. great blog! i love the pictures


  2. Shoot water at people lol. We did that too in the Carribean with my 3 kids, while still being passionate for the best homebased job.

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    Except for the mountain climbing, I’m afraid of heights! but i can try that too :)

  3. All of the above sounds like great fun to me! Mini-golf, jumping like frogs, climbing, water fights – whoo hoo! :) Don’t know if the adults are allowed to do all of it, but if they are, I’d SO be in there!

  4. I love mini golf!!!

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