Magnificent Maui meets Magnificent horses

We headed up to the cabin a couple of weeks ago. Just for the day this time. It was fun… the usual slipping and sliding and Corona was had. Hammocks were swung and rocking chairs rocked. And then horses paid us a visit. Yes, HORSES!

There’s something about horses in the Maui mountains that just gets me. They make me giddy. Now, I’m no cowgirl, but from time to time I like dirt, trees, mountains and horses…I mean what girl doesn’t like a pretty horse? After all, they are magnificent creatures.

Magnificent Maui meets Magnificent horses…

First, we were spotted…

And then they came to say aloha

and nibble our fingers

and talk story for a bit

And then they bid us farewell, until we meet again.

Horses and Hawaii a truly magnificent sight!



  1. Sarah,
    I envy you. :)
    You have a great blog, great writing skills. beautiful family and life. Keep going on you are an inspiration to all of us.

  2. Love this story, and the photos that go with it! How awesome to run into them like that! I’ve always loved horses – growing up, I begged my parents for years to get me one lol… had a picture of a glorious white horse on my wall… of course, as an adult, I totally get the impracticality of getting your daughter a horse when you live in the city!!

  3. HORSES! I love the photos. Beautiful gentle creatures. Thanks, this started my day off right…

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