Our pup, Duke, surfing! Sorta {video}

How we spend our Sundays…teaching our pup how to surf.

{Duke, our pup, was such a good sport and kept coming back for more}

Next time we’ll have to catch video of ME trying to surf…that should be comical!


  1. Love it!

  2. Looks like fun! My dog would be all over trying to surf if he ever got the chance!

    When we go to the my grandmother’s cottage at the lake, I love to lounge in the water on my air mattress. My 90 lb German Shepherd dog insists on lounging on my air mattress right along with me – the fishermen going by on their boats all do a double take: me in my bikini with my huge wet dog beside me! I can only imagine what he’d do if he saw me try to surf… he’d insist on coming along to keep an eye on me I bet! Teaching a dog to surf would be definitely be amusing! lol

    • He was pretty into it. Well sorta. I mean he didn’t jump off. I have video upon video of him chillin’ before the uber tiny wave took him .

      We often see dogs on surfboards here, actually…oh to be a dog on Maui, huh?! :)

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