How do YOU say that?

Read what this is all about and link up here! {video}

(p.s. I totally did this for an old vlog hop over at Mama Dweeb (doh!) But, I’m still posting it…to get a moment for a video…well that doesn’t happen all that easily anymore around here ;) Enjoy!



  1. So glad you joined Sarah! (and btw congrats on your appearance in Parents Mag!)

    You are so funny for calling the remote a “clicker.” I love it though. How did you do that fun video effect?

    Oh yeah, you know mama loves her mama juice! Mine is usually my Frapaccino. Kids are NOT allowed to drink that unless they are at Grandma’s house LOL

  2. Melissa says:

    When it’s raining and the sun is shining, my mom calls it “The Devil is beatin’ his wife’. No clue what this is from but it always pops in my head now, lol

  3. Cute vlog hop idea! You are too adorable. ;)

    You don’t call rain falling while it’s sunny “liquid sunshine?” The first time I heard that term was when we moved here, but I wonder if it’s a Hawaii thing or not? Happy Aloha Friday!

    • Aloha Lindsay! {love your site!}

      Aha! That’s what it’s called! LOL

      I’ve totally heard of liquid sunshine back on the mainland but for some reason I don’t hear it all that much here. Usually it’s just oohs and ahhs over the glorious rainbow we get ;)

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