Let’s talk swimming!

book about swimming for kids

"i love to swim!" by Rita Goldberg

It’s a Summer favorite, hitting the water. Whether at the beach, pool or lake, a lot of little people will be getting their toes wet which means it’s time to talk about swim safety!

One great way to start is swim instructor, Rita Goldberg’s “I Love to Swim.” This book is an educational yet fun rhyming story to help kids get excited about swimming, while also teaching water safety. You can check it out at http://www.ilovetoswimthebook.com/

This video is about two years old (seems in that time, my voice dropped and my time in the sun caught up to my skin (hello, wrinkles!).  My son is now six and he takes on the waves with the best of them. I’ve found the key is to get him around friends that are fearless and any fear he once had is swept away wave after wave. This makes mommy a bit on edge but his confidence in the water is a joy to see!

Do you hit the water during thee summer? What’s your favorite water activity with the family?


  1. Love heading to the beach… if no time for that, then we set up the slip ‘n slide with the sprinkler in the backyard!

    My little guys don’t know how to swim yet… but am hoping that this will be the year that my oldest (he’s 4 and 1/2 now) will learn… gonna try!


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