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mmm mmm…Kalua Pulled Pork Sandwich

"Too few people understand a really good sandwich." -James Beard One of my absolute favorite sandwiches is a pulled pork sandwich with Maui onions and some yummy barbecue sauce to top it off. It's rather simple, but it makes my lips turn up and my belly thanks me with the feeling of being satisfied. So for my take on Kraft Foods' Sandwich Road Trip, I knew I had to showcase this Hawaiian treat. A little more about Kraft's Sandwich Road Trip.... In July, Kraft Foods will be launching an … [Read more...]

Camping at home

"The best thing about this mom, is that YOU don't have to pee in the woods!" -my 6 year old son Last night we opened our tent and posted it up on our lanai (that's a deck to anyone not in Hawaii). This offered the kids a "playhouse" mid afternoon and an awesome sleeping under the stars experience at night. Daddy wasn't feeling so hot so mommy (me!) got to hang with the kids. I've never seen my son want to go to bed so badly. After assuring both kids there was no such thing as Big Foot … [Read more...]

Beach break

There are few things better than an afternoon wind down at the beach... … [Read more...]

More white space

Sometimes you have to shut things down, clear the room, clear your head, your mind and find more white space. My girlfriend that I work with has a series, 31 Days to More White Space. The concept is simple, really. Clear the decks of all the extra things that are just taking up room or bogging you down and create more white space in your life. This can be physically or mentally. I'm a big fan of this concept and have been over the past few months clearing the decks and making room for … [Read more...]