Camping at home

“The best thing about this mom, is that YOU don’t have to pee in the woods!” -my 6 year old son

eating s'mores

Last night we opened our tent and posted it up on our lanai (that’s a deck to anyone not in Hawaii). This offered the kids a “playhouse” mid afternoon and an awesome sleeping under the stars experience at night. Daddy wasn’t feeling so hot so mommy (me!) got to hang with the kids.

I’ve never seen my son want to go to bed so badly. After assuring both kids there was no such thing as Big Foot (at least not in our yard) my son was fast asleep. My daughter on the other hand wasn’t convinced as easily and with each click of a gecko or movement of the wind, she announced “Big Foot!” It gave me the opportunity to snuggle her closer. We used this as an opportunity to get all the carpets cleaned during the day, Powerhouse Carpet Cleaning did a great job, all the carpets look like a new.

All in all it was a great night’s sleep and I was well rested when they keiki woke up just shy of 5 a.m. Yes, 5 a.m.

Oh! And in case you are wondering, roosters do not only crow at sunrise, oh no, they seem to crow all.night.long.

What kind of fun stuff are you doing with your kids this Summer…at home? Share in the comments below!


  1. I haven’t tried camping together with my family. I think it would be a great idea for us because we are a big family. It would be very fun and exciting.

  2. That is fun. It’s too warm to do that here in FLA and the mosquitoes would eat us alive.

    Fun stuff with my kids this summer includes:
    Swimming Lessons
    Swimming Pool – Community
    Swimming at the Beach – especially visiting Shark Tooth Beach in Sarasota
    Visiting my sister’s house – to swim in her pool (LOL)
    Visiting Ormond Beach to stay at my mom’s beach house
    Visiting the Splash Park
    Visiting St. Augustine
    Visiting Luli’s Cupcake Boutique in St. Augustine
    Visiting the zoo near St. Augustine
    Puppy Hugging at our “local” Seeing Eye Dog training facility
    Visiting PumpItUp – an indoor bounce house facility
    Movie Matinees
    and playdates at the mall play area with friends!
    Busy, eh? I’ve been making this lit for a while. LOL! I have it on a pad so I don’t forget everything I want to do with the boys.

  3. I am kind of a wimp. I think I would be too scared to camp out in the backyard. Your daughter and I would get along! :)

  4. Awesome! When I was a kid we occasionally went “camping” in the backyard too – I used to think those backyard camp outs were so much fun!

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