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Things to do with kids on Maui: Lahaina Animal Farm

A couple of weeks ago the kids and I visited The Lahaina Animal Farm in West Maui. It was a blast!  Check out the pics below then go read my review on Maui Family Magazine! Mahalo to the folks at Lahaina Animal Farm for such a  fantastic time!   … [Read more...]

Surviving Summer

So, how's Summer going? Here? Well, plain and simple...Summer is kicking my ass. Sorry for the language but booty, butt, derriere, keester...whatever you call it, none of those words do justice for what Summer is doing to me. So ass is it. Forgive me. I think I know why the ass kicking began...I lost a mommy's best friend, ROUTINE. Have you seen him? He seems to have gotten lost on our way home after that last school bell rang. I imagine quite a few moms are feeling this way. … [Read more...]