End of Summer Reading

waiting to go home

Summer is closing to an end. It was a fabulous three months. All crowned with a long three week trip off island where we used almost every kind of transportation….planes, trains, automobiles; a taxi, a sailboat, a speed boat, and a dingy; bikes, bike trailers, a trolley, a bus, a subway-like vehicle in the Seattle airport, and even a ferry! Yes, it was fun!

But all of that is a mere memory now and come tomorrow (today) at 8 a.m. we will be out on the road for back to school. And then I’ll be back to work in a house filled with silence. I have a feeling it will take a bit of getting used to. But not too long. I actually have a list of things that I’ve been putting off simply because my plate was filled to the brim with kiddos stuff (and I loved it).

One of the things on my list is to take action on these books below. See, over the Summer we also got crazy and redid our kitchen (pics to come soon…we still need a few touches, like baseboards, a hood over the stove and some paint) and with a new kitchen came this sense of wanting to get my life together. So, when I was approached to review these books, I gave them a hell yes! One is going to help me get my kitchen in order and the other is going to help me not go crazy trying get it all together while I “turn chaos into calm.” Bring it on! Happy End of Summer!

Totally Together, by Stephanie O’Dea

One of my favorite things about this book is Stephanie’s “clean less, play more” approach. Stephanie shares simple tricks that you can do daily so that your pile never gets too overwhelming. She makes things really simple and has a plan for you to follow. I’m just starting the implementation phase of this book so hurry and get it and then we can implement together!

From her site…

“I am immensely proud of Totally Together: Shortcuts to an Organized Life. My hope is to help moms streamline their day-to-day “have-to”s so there is more time for the “want to”s. But not in a judgmental way—this is real life, not a magazine article. I hope you enjoy it!”

The Stocked Kitchen, by Sarah Kallio & Stacey Krastins

My goal this school year is to not have too many “what’s for dinner” nights. You know, when it’s 5 p.m. and we’re all hungry and I realize that I have nothing for dinner. It’s a real bummer at the end of a long day. I love that the authors tell you how to store things, how much of something to buy and basically give you a plan to help better organize your kitchen and your weekly meal planning (pssst, there’s no meal planning needed if you have “a stocked kitchen”). Again, implementation is just starting so go grab it and let me know what recipes you’ve tried!

From their site…

“The Stocked Kitchen is the first complete meal creation system with only one standard list of groceries. If your kitchen is “stocked” with these ingredients, you will always have what you need to create any of our recipes. This system encompasses all parts of the meal creation process from shopping to storing to cooking to serving. The results are delicious, “guestworthy” meals made from real, basic ingredients. We create more delicious meals while removing the handcuffs of preplanning. It is so simple—“Start with the list”—but once you’ve incorporated it into your life, you will see how powerful The Stocked Kitchen philosophy can be. One grocery list, endless recipes!”

Here’s wishing you a very happy end of Summer. If your little ones are back in school cheers to you on making it through Summer. And if you are still on the Summer train, enjoy every single minute that you’ve got left!

Now share with me…What books are you reading? Share below!



  1. the Stocked Kitchen is on my to read list, hope i can get to it soon

  2. I need to read the Stocked Kitchen!
    If only I had time to read… ; )

  3. Hhhmmmm these ALL look good! I often oscillate between meal planning and just buying everything I know I’ll need to make everything. I think meal planning works less for me (but haven’t admitted it yet) so maybe I’ll convert to a stocked kitchen. Can’t wait to read your reviews!

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