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like a flower…she grows!

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My brand spankin’ new product….Tag a Towel!

A long long time ago I had this idea. You know, one of those, "they should make a....." idea. I think all moms have this idea/invention gene. We rock like that. Here's my story... One day after a super relaxing shower (showers are my "me" time), I stepped out to dry off only to realize that my towel, the one I had purposefully hung back up to reuse (go green mamas!), was no longer where I had put it. Someone (HUBBY!) had used my towel. I went and grabbed a fresh towel. Dried off, … [Read more...]

5 Cool Ways to Cool off at Disney’s Aulani

Aulani’s Resort & Spa has no shortage of water works for children and adults alike. Bob Igers, President and CEO of The Disney Corporation, said he wanted to make Disney’s Aulani pool one of the best in the islands. I think it’s safe to say he did quite well in achieving that goal. Here are 5 ways to cool off at Aulani The Menehune Bridge Said to have been built by the tiny Hawaiian mythical creatures, the menehune, this 2,200 square foot interactive water play area has three … [Read more...]

Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa: Good eats

One of the most important parts of visiting Hawaii is enjoying the food. Here are five delicious places at Disney's Aulani Resort & Spa to start your day off right and then to satisfy your rumbling tummy after a fun day playing at the pool or swimming in the sea. 'Olelo Room The 'Olelo Room (pronounced oh-leh-low) is a wonderful way to really dive into the Hawaiian language and culture with cast members greeting you first in Hawaiian then in the English … [Read more...]

Disney Aulani’s Magical Grand Opening Celebration

The Ohana Mama family headed down to Ko'olina Beach last night for Disney Aulani's Grand Opening celebration. The heads of Disney, Bob Igers and Tom Stagg along with Mickey and Minnie and a traditional Hawaiian blessing marked the occasion. With a mixture of Hawaiian sand, Disney pixie dust and an amazing performance by Kealii Reichel and hula dancers, the grand opening celebration was nothing short of magical. We got back to our room after a fabluous party in the Waikalohe Valley to learn … [Read more...]