My brand spankin’ new product….Tag a Towel!

A long long time ago I had this idea.

You know, one of those, “they should make a…..” idea. I think all moms have this idea/invention gene. We rock like that.

Here’s my story…

One day after a super relaxing shower (showers are my “me” time), I stepped out to dry off only to realize that my towel, the one I had purposefully hung back up to reuse (go green mamas!), was no longer where I had put it.

Someone (HUBBY!) had used my towel.

I went and grabbed a fresh towel. Dried off, then hung it to dry to reuse it the next day. And wouldn’t ya know it, the same thing happened again! It was then that I decided we needed a solution to this towel stealing problem.

I was overwhelmed with my growing laundry pile. I was annoyed with finding my towel already wet from someone using it and if we were all sharing towels, I knew we were also sharing cooties. Ick.

I had two options…I could either get rid of my hubby (never!) or come up with a solution.

So a solution was created…Tag a Towels!
I like to consider Tag a Towels the super hero of your bathroom! These amazing towel tags help conserve water and energy, cut down on laundry and prevent you from sharing germs and infectious diseases (like cooties!)

But how?

Tag a Towels are super cute, super fluffy and soft terry cloth-covered tags with a magnet inside. Each member of the household simply chooses a Tag a Towel design and clips it to his or her own bath towel. Since everyone has their own design, there is no more confusion over whose bath towel is whose.

Finally we have an end to towel confusion, laundry piles are getting smaller, bathrooms are getting more organized and towel-stealing husbands get to stay :)

Tag a Towels sound awesome, right? They are!


For my launch party I’m offering a “two-for” deal! Right now until October 1st you can grab two 2-packs of super cute tags for just $20. That’s a 20% savings! But it ends this Sunday, October 1st, so go get em while you can. These are perfect for couples, roommates, newlyweds (what a fun shower gift, huh?!), and while on vacation to Hawaii (or anywhere!). Click here to get yours now! 

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  1. That’s such a great idea. That happens at our house all of the time, no matter how many times I mention it to my husband. I’ll be buying soon!


  3. Sarah,

    I will be ordering a set of those very soon, I promise. :)

    And WOW on your designer! Not only does she have a great first name (mine), she’s good. And expensive. LOL I don’t charge near that much. Then again, when I can make Thesis look like that, I will be able to start charging those kinds of prices.

  4. Congratulations!! Such a great idea!

  5. Aloha Shan! Yes, get your little miss tag a towels, stat! :)

    Shannon of Turn Around Design did my site. Ecwid is the shopping cart – it’s soooo easy! You can find Shannon here:

  6. Oh those are TOO cute. We have a rule in this house (started by me, of course), that you only use one towel per week. You’re clean when you get out of the bath, right? So hang up your towel and re-use it! I have enough to do without unnecessary laundry. LOL Now more often then not, someone in this family thinks it’s OK to use a new towel/washcloth every time they need to wipe/wash/dry their bodies. Sometimes several times per day. SHE says she “couldn’t find” her towel/washcloth.

    THIS product will make the previous statement irrelevant. You are a very smart lady, Sarah.

    BTW, who designed your biz site? It’s very nice.

  7. This is so awesome. You’re so right about the “invention” gene. It’s so cool to see a mom who came up with something and actually saw it through production. Such a great story! I’m gonna have to pick some of these up soon!

  8. Thanks Linda! I’m just so happy that I did it!! Never give up :)

  9. you know i love it!!! so excited for you!

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